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It is a white man's burden to be surrounded by so many ignorant fucks

Common road blocks in the 'intelligent conversation about race'

People on the Left:

  1. Jump the track - when they are out debated and never acknowledge their loss of the debate, their ignorance, they have learned nothing from the exchange and simply try to change the topic thinking nobody will notice.

  2. "You don't know your history" - is my favorite one repeated by blacks who have never read a book in their entire lives. Blacks think that being black means that they inherently know something about history. Another striking feature of thier ignorance.

  3. Empty comments followed by personal attacks against the individual they lost the debate to like a monkey who starts throwing shit because he can't find the TV remote and does not know how to process his stupidity and emotions. Lose the debate, attack the individual you are debating.

Have you noticed that black people who use common sense are automatically elevated to the position of royalty on the 'white supremacist racist Right?'

Ever hear the phrase 'happy wife, happy life?' - For years and years now every time a black person is dissatisfied with the world, everybody needs to stop what they are doing and adjust the universe to their liking. These are the people who are claiming to be oppressed?

Part 1 - Intelligent conversation about race? We are having it right now

This is a continuation on my previous post about how it is impossible to have an intelligent conversation about anything with people who are privileged to the level of widely accepted ignorance. Debating people on the Left, even black people, is impossible when they act like children. They are not capable of an intelligent level of discourse. Black people need better representation. #RAZE #17GEN4

To dumb it down really far:

Why it is impossible to debate the Left: 1. When they lose the debate, they attack the person they are debating. 2. They jump the track when they lose, trying to change the topic. 3. They just regurgitate meaningless empty phrases with no solutions like parrots without thinking.

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