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Is the #Coronavirus just an exercise in 'manufacturing consent'

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

When you are sitting there minding your own business building a sandcastle on the beach and somebody keeps coming over and knocking it down, you eventually have to knife that person right there on the beach.

The Left is pouring gasoline on this fire at your expense so that they can destroy their own crime scene.

It seems like this is a test run for something. You can tell a lot about people based on their political affiliation. Major city lockdowns are being treated like summer festivals in blue states. Like it is all some kind of big joke.

People in red states are dying to get back to work, or should I say - RED people in red states are dying to get back to work and the useless blue Left is not concerned about anything because they just assume that they will be taken care of. People who are terrified are red and people who are loving this are blue.

If you are an #Amazon Prime member, watch the documentary below:

This video is about how the government uses fear to 'manufacture consent' of the masses. I am not a UFO guy by the way. This is current (2017) AND VERY RELEVANT

Here is my review on Amazon:

Current and relevant info not about UFOs, but about how the government uses UFOs to manipulate the public. Describes how freedom of the press is abused by those who control the media to control public perception. MK-Ultra, government psy-ops, propaganda used against the American people to manufacture consent. Quote from the documentary: "Publics (regular people) don't have reliable judgement and very easily might vote for the wrong man, or want the wrong thing, and therefore they need to be guided from above." Well how do like that?


Prediction: I can see things happening for myself. Like many others, I don't need to wait to be told what to think. When it turns out that this whole thing is one giant overblown hysteria and the government and really high paid bad actors pushed a narrative over truth and known factors, the trust of the American people will be gone forever.


These people are manufacturing the perception of #COVID19 to manipulate everyone and destroy the economy because the government is the only business that can continue to operate at a loss in perpetuity. Non-business owners really do not realize how much the government hates small business.

CWB Chicago tweeted this out a couple of weeks ago: I took a screen shot (because these things tend to disappear or are ghosted quickly). Lately when I get a new tweet alert from some of the very few accounts I follow through 'alerts' and I can't even see the actual tweet. In other words, I get the alert that the account sent a tweet, but I can't see the tweet. That has been happening a lot lately.

I saw this early on. It is still amazing to me how many people don't realize what is happening here. Think like the Left: when you do a search for 'COVID-19' all of these deaths are going to show up.... as an underlying cause. However, that is not going to be taken into account. This is all a giant manipulation.

Should these "DOCTORS' be allowed to practice medicine?

There are a lot of medical professionals who have the power to give bad advice. We already cannot trust Leftist politicians, Leftist cops, Leftist lawyers, Leftist judges, and now Leftist medical professionals? This is why it is bad when people lose the idea of objectivity. The Left is extremely biased.

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