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iPhone software is garbage

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Apple used to have a superior product and they don't anymore. The hardware is still better but it does not matter if the functionality of the device is garbage because of the software.

  1. When you open a video file, you have to 'ummute' the volume.

  2. When you are scrolling through a folder of pics or videos - sometimes the software defaults back to the previous file when you delete a file and sometimes it advances to the next file. Why doesn't it do the same thing every time?

  3. Upon uploading pics or vids to various online platforms, the layout of the folders as well as the contents of the folders changes depending on which platform you are using. Why? Sometimes there are 3 columns and sometimes there are 4.

  4. Change of layout and menus every time you access the file folders. Why does this constantly change? There is no consistency to how the files are displayed. Why?

  5. The notification overlays block access to apps. Why?

  6. I receive audible notification alerts but no visual - so i cannot turn it off because i don't know where the fuck it is coming from and the alert itself is useless because i don't know where it is coming from.

  7. You cannot store large amounts of files in the phone, even pictures because it is difficult to access them and you have to touch the screen to scroll so you are constantly accidentally 'selecting' pics you did not want when trying to navigate trough the folder. It would be really easy to implement 'sort' options.

  8. It used to be easy to figure out how to copy a URL link. I mean, nothing is easy with this software. But, you learn how to tap and how many times you have to tap to select and then tap again to copy... not anymore after the last 'uipdate' WHY?

  9. Display notifications on lock screen recently changed from swipe down to swipe up. Took me a week to figure this out and i figured it out on accident. What is the purpose of changing this and what did it improve?

  10. Apple News - I keep turning it off and it keeps deciding all by itself to randomly default to giving me alerts I do not want. I do not need to rely on Apple News to tell me which news and from whom i should be...

  11. The fucking SIM card is right next to the volume switch, so of course, it is occasionally going to get dislodged because you are constantly over there adjusting the volume.

  12. Lock Screen Passcode (password) error - I never enter the wrong code purposely, obviously. SOMETIMES when I have to re-enter the password, it deletes all of the previous digits except for the first one. Why? So I re-enter it correctly, but it is telling me it is wrong because I didn't notice that it only deleted 5 of the 6 previous digits entered? Why would it not delete all 6 because the obvious problem is that it will recognize the password as incorrect again when you try to type in the entire password from the beginning. WHY?

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