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Indian students coming to the U.S. NOT required to take VAX amid deadly Indian variant concern

Interesting series of events regarding the Indian variant of the coronavirus:

Summary: Indian variant of the coronavirus IS a concern according to Fauci. We have sent or are planning to send vaccines to India. Students from India are allowed to travel to the U.S. unvaccinated.

5/21/2021 -

To protect Americans and help the world, US needs to start giving more COVID-19 vaccine away more quickly, experts say_USA TODAY

6/8/2021 -

Fauci urges vaccination against COVID-19 variant spreading to US from India_HILL

6/9/2021 -

Vaccination is important to protect against a spreading variant first identified in India, Fauci says_CNN

6/15/2021 -

CDC will FINALLY label Indian Delta Covid strain as 'variant of concern' as the mutant virus scuppers the UK's reopening plans and leads to fears it could soon swarm the US_DAILYMAIL

6/13/2021 -

  • Don Heflin said that the US-bound students will not require any proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter the country

  • They will, however, need a negative report of their COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to their departure

INDIAN STUDENTS IN US SCHOOLS IS CONSIDERED "A MATTER OF NATIONAL INTEREST" and they are therefore not required to follow the health guidelines that Dr. Faucci says will endanger the legal residents of the U.S.

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