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Illegal immigration in 2021 - extending unemployment benefits - Will your job still be there?

Will your job still be there when you decide to return after your extended vacation courtesy of the Biden/Harris admin?

Or are the Mexicans flooding across the border going to do the jobs Americans won't do because they are being incentivized not to? Paying people more not to work is a benefit to both the Dems and the Republicans who both LOVE cheap labor.

Many small business owners have cited that even after lockdown restrictions have been loosened or eliminated, they are having trouble finding people who want to go back to work because they are still being paid more to stay home than they would make working.

Recent article from the Daily Wire: Even Congress Doesn’t Know Where Illegal Immigrants Are Being Shipped Throughout The U.S.

The paid vacation for many has been extended until September. It is difficult to believe that the 'illegal immigration effort' more closely resembles a human trafficking operation than a government sanctioned operation. In some cases it appears that mayors are being notified that illegals will be dropped off in their towns, like they are doing in Arizona. It is then 'their problem' to figure out how to deal with them.

Breitbart: Iowa Republican Governor Rejects Biden Administration’s Request to House Illegal Minors in the State

Legalize marijuana, pay people to stay home and bring in a bunch of illegals who are eager to work.

This has all the markers of a perfectly manufactured crisis.

Incentivizing YOU to stay home (and paying you MORE to do that) while importing your replacements who will do the job for cheaper across the southern border.

Breitbart: George W. Bush Digs up ‘Any Willing Worker’ Cheap Labor Plan

IMO Congress knows EXACTLY where the cheap labor is headed - to states where people are being paid more NOT to work...

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