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ISSUE ONE: - Illegal Immigration and Border Control

Updated: Nov 19

ISSUE ONE: - Illegal Immigration and Border Control. This issue is rated ‘most concerning’ as it carries an immediate physical threat, economic threat and a threat to our national health while also in opposition to other intellectual dishonesty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Illegal Immigration and Border Control is an issue of both national security and the safety of individual citizens. It is an immediate threat to our economy; one that is already inundated with low-quality, low-skilled labor. It is the result of election fraud and the promise of more to come in the name of ‘equity.’ Illegal immigration is a perfect example of the cycle of corruption.

Democrats Block Motion to Strip Amnesty from Build Back Better_BREITBART

Border Patrol encounters over 1,900 migrants in Rio Grande Valley sector in just 24 hours with at least 250 'getaways' slipping through because there aren't enough agents_DAILYMAIL

Return of the Jungle? Nearly 1,400 Migrants Enter New ‘Temporary’ Camp in Calais_BREITBART

Again: 70 Flights of Illegal Aliens Hit Florida 'in the Dark of Night'_REDSTATE

Republicans Who Supported Biden’s $1.2T Infrastructure Bill Once Opposed $25B for Border Wall_BREITBART

Border arrests hit highest point since 1986: Shocking new data reveals Biden's border crisis is deteriorating further with 1.7 MILLION migrants detained in the 2021 fiscal year_DAILYMAIL


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