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Ignorance is bliss until they come for you

Social media is socialist. There are no more 'new' voices or accounts on the Right. Have you noticed that? They are just waiting for the old ones to die off as Oprah suggested.

The lines of communication - social media have severed the ability to gain new traction. There are nothing but old white men, all of them RINOs apparently, NOT representing us in Congress and other positions in government office. They do not help us. Ever.

The jig is up. The Left - AOC et al is culpable for this:

The Left is encouraging people to attack us and then they are not prosecuting them for their crimes.

Wisconsin police say a Mexican man intentionally drove his truck into a motorcyclist earlier this month for the sole purpose of killing a white person

Man accused of punching NYPD chief, cops on Brooklyn Bridge released without bail

Or, they are charging us, white people, with crimes for defending ourselves against the angry mob.

Kim Gardner

And what does the GOP do? The GOP writes a letter. Isn't that sweet.

Missouri couple’s gun rights defended in letter to AG Barr from 12 GOP lawmakers

You are finished. We are finished. Oh, but wait. It gets better. Then, there is the gaslighting:

WATCH: New York Mayor Says City Is Safer With Fewer Criminals in Prison

I want to grab the people who are manufacturing the propaganda while posing as journalists by throat and just shake them and say, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

This is not funny

And then this black lesbian midget troll - the mayor of Chicago MOCKING the violence and the body count of dead black people:

Chicago's Lightfoot calls White House's Mc Enany a 'Karen' after reported 'derelict mayor' slight

'Watch your mouth,' Lori Lightfoot replied

To this one and the rest of them: You are not equal to me. You are a substandard human. You are nothing but ghetto hood rat trash.

There are two types of psychology here and the lines between them are becoming blurred. This is the next phase of gaslighting that is just starting to take place:

There are the Right-Wing accounts that present the information to you as it is so that you can make your own decision as to what it is that you are seeing.

There are Left-Wing accounts that are manufactuing the propaganda as if it were true - do they believe it or do they just want to believe it. They are pushing it because they are told to. They don't think therefore they are either complicit or they believe or it does not matter because they are just doing what they are told.

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