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If we promise to never vote for Trump again; will you leave us alone?

Updated: May 7

This is what you want, right? No, it is so much more than that. I predicted early in 2021 that this year, the masks would be the least of our problems and now they are.

This whole thing is very unnerving. Constant threats, FROM the Left. I will never go to another Trump rally ever again. Their mission has been accomplished. I will not vote Republican anymore. I just won't vote. That works for them also.

USPS also has access to voter roles, in addition to the social media lists they are scrubbing. I will make sure not to purchase a 'My Pillow' either, because that might get you in trouble. There is no getting out of this and there is no fight to be had.

I listened to Dan Proft on AM560 The Answer this morning and he described some of the people, I guess the Republican Party, like actors in 'waiting for Gadot.' Everybody is waiting for somebody to do something and everybody knows what needs to be done and nobody is doing anything. The Left is not nearly as kind to us as we have been to them.

They will win this war and they essentially already have. I think we are all Democrats now and we don't really have a choice anymore.

The truth is being rewritten in real time and eventually news articles become corrected, sometimes. But there are no records of the false info they printed in the first place. They update the articles after the damage has been done and call it a retraction. The problem with non-print news. Digital news can be altered and rewritten, just like in the book 1984.


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