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IDW Topic-of-the-Day What are black people superior at?

People generally do not compare themselves to something that is 'lower' or 'less than' they are.

Colin Flaherty speaks often about the claim 'white people do it too' with regard to violent crime although few examples can be provided, if any in some circumstances. This is only after denying black people do it, then blaming white people for it.

If you notice, it is about behavior - not color. That is why when you criticize their BEHAVIOR, they incorrectly accuse you of criticizing their color. Common slight of hand with leftists - swap out the attribute you are referring to.

Feelings of inferiority is a modicum of EVERY aspect of Leftism. Defeatism. They think less of themselves, that is why when THEY PERCEIVE YOU to be better than they are, that is somehow something YOU did wrong as well.

White people are superior 'at' not ending a sentence with a preposition.

'What are black people superior at?'


But we ain't got no time fa grammar...

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