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IDW Community - Is Race a social construct?

For many years I lived in Chicago, which has now become obnoxiously diverse. I had friends and acquaintances of all races and did not even think about it because I surrounded myself with people who all behaved the same way, generally.

Tucker had a great segment last night with a guy named Horace Cooper - (starting at 8:43 via the link below)

At 10:50, Tucker describes how 'we' generally were raised to TRY to assess people based on their behavior and not the way they look. This is no longer true.

My belief is that this is connected to 'religion' - Attacking the Bible is part of the religion of Leftism - climate change (racist) coronavirus (racist), etc. When the morally bankrupt Left starts talking about 'morals' you can bet that what they are doing is amoral. This goes back to tribalism during the days when tribes were running around raping and pillaging to take over other tribes.

I also believe (objectively) that their goal is to rid the country of the white race through promoting interracial families by connecting white people with a non-white partner. There was an article on the homepage of Fox News a while back blasting some educators IN THE CLASSROOM who were putting white students on the spot asking them if they would ever date a black person... This was at the height of racial tensions which seems to be continuing to heighten by the day.

Online dating sites are a social engineering tool. I currently live in the whitest county in the country and they will have me believe that on there are a TOTAL of 47 white women (on their site) between the ages of 35-49 within a 20 mile radius of where I live. This can't possibly be true.

All of these sites either declared or made you 'agree' that you are using a platform that shows solidarity with 'Black Lives Matter' over this summer.

OK CUPID did a piece (for members on the app) right before the election suggesting that if you cannot find a date, it may be because of your political affiliation. I believe the number was only 9% of members identified as 'Republican.' Stats did show that white women in the suburbs (and Libertarians) cost Trump the election. So there may be some correlation there.

My point in saying this is that because everything has become politicized, your political affiliation has also been connected to your religion and the competing tribe who subscribes to the religion of Leftism very much replaces race with behavior which requires a subtext of your cross-breeding if not directly stated.


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