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I am not calling myself a Republican anymore

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I am going start my own party. The "RAZE' party. The party of Trump.


You still have to vote. Can't NOT vote. You never trumpers were and still are fucking idiots. And pretty soon, you are going to lose your right to be your own brand of idiot. That is what 'Independent' thinking gets you.

We all make choices and the idea that there even is a choice in this election for President of The United States between Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden is frightening. If you like Biden you honestly don't deserve to vote. You have been groomed to vote for a different form of government called socialism. It is hard to tell if you don't care or if you even see it, and if you do, why don't you care? They eventually go after you as all of those good people who came together and signed the Harper's letter found out. When they are finished using you to advance their narrative.

It is really sad to me because I moved to AZ from Chicago last year to get away from all that shit and now it is clear to me that it is happening here. AZ right now is about 5 years behind Chicago. Meaning that the present political climate of AZ is about where Chicago was 5 years ago. But now everything is happening at an accelerated rate. In other words, it won't take a full 5 years for AZ to get where Chicago is right now. Read that last sentence again. That is the image that I am trying to put into your head for people who have not watched the news lately. Keywords in the news that indicate this is happening: civilian office of police accountability, civilian review board. Six straight weeks of anti-cop protests in the largest city in a red state in the country.

I am on these online dating sites. They are terrible, but you do learn a few things about a few things and there is no bigger social engineering tool than dating sites. I have had a chat or two with a lady or two who has recently moved here from some god-awful places. Like Chicago. But also, from Seattle and Baltimore. Minnesota and A LOT of people from California.

Also, another interesting side note, these dating sites would have you believe that there are no white women to match me with in a 20 mile radius of Scottsdale. - 47 - single white women between the ages of 35 and 49 who identify as conservative. Yep. I am not saying they don't exist because they do. I see them everywhere, just not on these sites. Pointing out the social engineering aspect of not promoting same race couples. This shit is real. I have never seen anything more racist in my entire life toward white people than what is happening now.

Have you done a YouTube search for any 'how to' videos lately? Did you find one featuring a speaker with an American accent. I had a really hard time finding one when I could and sometimes I couldn't. Why is that? White people don't make how-to videos? Sure they do. Where the fuck are they? Why am I listening to some asshole tell me how to do something while I can barely understand what he is saying?

And they are still fucking with sports. And ALL entertainment. TV and movies have become unwatchable because of the FORCED anti-traditional American values. NOT INCLUSIVE.

You know what is spreading faster than coronavirus? COVID45 - 'Trump Derangement Syndrome.' This state is infected. Anybody who does not like it here - California is 3 hours west. Go there. Fucking idiots. Right, you just came from there...

LOCKDOWNS - It is a very important distinction to say that the LOCKDOWN destroyed your livelihood and screwed up our economy. NOT THE VIRUS. The RESPONSE to the virus. The distinction will be lost. The mission has been accomplished.

There are too many people unemployed. People are going to have to go on welfare. The middle class will be gone and this is exactly what the Left wants - an upper class and a lower class.

People underestimate the gravity of shutting down an economy and then trying to restart it. People do not understand the importance of maintaining a 'flow' for a small business that is now restricted by a 'bad economy.' Restaurants are fucked. You know how hard it is to be profitable in the restaurant business?

The Left has turned the Trump family an incredible pariah. They attack his supporters with impunity. We are at war. Although, one side has not defended themselves yet or decided that they will fight back. It is going to get physical and people are going to die. They already are.

The Left-Wing hysterics are worse than the the Right-Wing conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theory is that there are two different versions of reality playing out right in front of us and the bad one is going to win eventually. I really don't want to live like this anymore. I mean, I am not suicidal, but some people are.

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