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I Am John Galt - Transition to the Orwellian Novel

I am him. I am you.

Atlas Shrugged is about the transition to what becomes 'the state' Orwell wrote about. The transition is worse than the dystopian society itself.

It is quiet here. I can see the mountains in the distance. An hour from now I will be able to see Orion's belt. The sun comes up and the sun goes down and we call it another day.


But in the great wide open, where there is not a soul in sight, I feel the walls closing in around me. It is like looking at a painting by one of the Masters from so long ago. The image itself still communicates the beauty and exceptionalism of the times, but if you look closely, as close as you can get anyway because the ropes in the museum block the viewers from getting 'too close,' you can almost see the paint flaking off, chipped away and faded.

The uniqueness of American culture has been destroyed by the visitors who did not assimilate with the traditional values that make this country great. Instead, they brought their own values with them. Their own values and cultures that do not support freedom and liberty. In this way, their very presence is subversive to the opportunities were are merely guaranteed to pursue and that not in and of themselves a 'right.'

The memes on social media tell us that the fascists of the future will say they are the ones fighting fascists. The image that is attached to these phrases attributes the quote to Winston Churchill. A Google search proves this to be inconclusive. Hillsdale Nonetheless, now you are here.

The 'Framers,' the 'Founding Fathers' called this a Republic. Benjamin Franklin added, "If you can keep it."

The simple fact of the matter is that the people who are in the process of rapidly destroying the framework of what made this country great are incapable of deserving what this great country has to offer because they have failed at performing up to the standards of what it means to be an American.

The Left is disgusted by the reality of human nature. They have allowed identitarian politicians to completely absolve themselves of taking any responsibility for themselves or the people they represent by eliminating the 'revenue generating' portion of the equation when it comes to merit and production of any kind. Instead, focus on outputs without accepting responsibility for the lack of inputs.

Government has become the parents of the stupid kids, who are stupid because the the government made their parents stupid by replacing 'manners' with kindness and tolerance for diversity while bashing traditional American concepts like 'manners.' Any assimilation with the framework of the country that brought them here has now been associated with systemic white racism.

The political Left now actively promotes the destruction of monuments depicting the great white males who built the country they fled to, this country, while accusing those who allowed them to seek refuge here of being the cause of their problems.

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