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"I am done with this," - is all you have to say, but you won't say it - WHY?

Updated: May 1

because you will be ruined. You were not even doing anything wrong when you got in trouble for not wearing a mask. But you put one on so that you can go America.

I like rules and I like laws, just not unnecessary ones. Now the businesses get to decide for themselves. Pitting small biz owner against two political classes of commerce. If I make everyone wear masks, I am alienating my customers who are freedom loving Americans - not so much so that they won't be the ones to shut up and go along with it when I satisfy the howling herd of Left-wing supremacy.

The Meghan Markle story (not the Harry and Meghan story, just Meghan) is about a defection from the govt (the Royal Family) because of race, or by race. Now picture Michelle Obama as the first black 'Lady.' First lady. It is about ladies, or more specifically, black ladies just like Kamala Harris. - The gaslighting, the exact opposite. 'Harry' is Doug Emhoff and 'Meghan' is Kamala Harris. That was a 'test-run' and Piers Morgan was the Brett Kavanaugh of the black women who wield power over, but still act like victims of the white man.

That was political theater at the 'deep state' level. Oprah is a key figure as well.

If Kamala Harris' cackling has not annoyed you up until now, wait until every question that she does not want to answer becomes something along the lines of either 'you are a racist' or 'you hate women' instead of answering the questions. It scares me to think what really goes through the minds of these people.

Look at the identitarian politicians who keep a white guy in their back pocket. For what purpose? To say, "I'm not a racist. I am married to a white guy." Well, so is Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, and she is definitely a racist.

Kamala has recently subverted the transparency of the rule of law when she implicated a journalist named David Daleidin. From start to finish, she set up a journalist, or her minions did, got them to run a sting operation on the guy and then coerced (groomed) him into a situation of entrapment, and then made sure the judge who presided over the case would implicate him because of the judge's direct personal ties to anti-abortion clinics. Who, of course, did not recuse himself, by the way, because he is a Democrat.

This might be why you do nothing when they threaten you at work with anti-bias training - because you are a white supremacist by birth and genetics - while they, the most tragically misbehaved individuals you have ever seen, tell you what is wrong with your behavior.

And then they do it to your kids in school. Molesting their little minds with feelings of low self-worth because they are inherently racist. This is not the party of kindness and love. Hunter Biden wrote a book. Did you hear about it? The 'great triumph' story. In which he admits nothing, lies, or just says anything really. I will not even think about reading this book because I assume that everything in it will be a lie.

Your kids are not bad because they are white. Your employer doesn't hate you when he tells you that you are a racist and therefore, you have to go to 'racism school.' 'Bias-training' has become a business of how to train people to act around black people. The abstractness of this is total absurdity. But also, put on a mask - because that is how we will know whether or not you comply.

All you have to do is stop wearing a mask. There are some people who like the mask for some reason. Think about that. It is amazing how well everyone behaved in the year 2020. Pretty much everybody behaved themselves, right?

Go ahead and take that vaccine to purge the 'systemically racist' coronavirus from your 'white' intoxicated body. Put on a mask so we can see you from a distance. Make sure your kids zoom in to 'racism school' and don't be a racist at work - like don't criticize black people for anything. If you are good, we will let you keep your job which will become much harder because we had to hire all of your victims when we were required by law to hire them, because of your racism.

Do we have to do this the hard way or are we going to do this the easy way?

Crisis actors: The political Left-wing are nothing but a bunch of social terrorists, pretending to be afraid of us, while they terrorize us. You are not imagining this. I checked. It is as bad as they say in all major blue cities. Notably; Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia - THE ENTIRE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

The allegations of racism are alarming, considering that they are completely false, except if you completely reverse the situation, but we took the word 'reverse-racism' out of our vocabulary a few years ago to make sure it did not reappear in the future. Now we have words like 'equitable.'

The Left likes to invent words that do not exist in logical space. 'Equity' is the brainchild of a group of mad scientists who tried to merge the words 'equal' and 'fair' into a brand new super silly word that tricks stupid people into thinking that these two words mean the same thing. And they don't. When you start screwing with language, even in small ways, people lose the ability to communicate and worse - to understand what the same word means.

Anti-racism + white fragility + anti-fragility = racism toward white people. You agree that you are racist by engaging in anti-racist education. That is the part of the trick that you do not see. This resembles how cults recruit their members. Watch Episode 1 of 'Cults and Extreme Beliefs' on NXIVM. Keith Raniere. The Democrat Party is brainwashing people and unfortunately it is working.

The tide is very low my friends. That is what happens right before a Tsunami.


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