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How to reopen the economy

New private enterprise post #COVID19 is membership only. Your membership card is your voter registration card with the word Republican on it. As in, I am affiliated with the political Right and I agree to assimilate with traditional American values including hygiene.

Do not wait for the government to give you permission to reopen your business. They cannot shut you down for this unless you let them. Why are you doing what they are telling you to do? You cannot be arrested for reopening as a private business. Only a public business. And even then, you will not be arrested for reopening.

The famous cake baker in Colorado only needed to say that I am discriminating against my buttigieg (lower case 'b') customers based on their political affiliation, which SCOTUS ruled is legal.

Check out this article here to see how SCOTUS protects people based on identity politics:

If you have an underperforming gay person at your company, they can sue you if you fire them for incompetence, because they are gay. Think about that. You can't fire gay people who are incompetent.

However, the partisan SCOTUS also ruled that it is OK for people and employers to discriminate against people based on their political affiliation.

I am trying to find just ONE article to link to but this is what happens when Google is allowed to have a monopoly... But basically, you can discriminate against people based on political affiliation as long as it is people getting kicked out of public bars, etc while wearing MAGA hats.

If you are going to survive in the new economy as a private business, you WILL HAVE TO discriminate heavily in hiring to make sure the the people you are dealing with both as customers and employees are on the same page. MEANING: Do you want Christine Blasey Ford as a customer? Do you want people going to your Masterpiece Cake Shop simply because you don't want them there? The courts allow people to harass you in this way.

If your business is going to survive in the post #coronavirus era, you are going to need to discriminate heavily against those who pose a threat to you and your livelihood and that would be people on the Left.

Is your customer base going to be much smaller? Yes. Is your applicant pool going to be much smaller? Yes. Your ability to service people will also need to be limited to adapt to #socialdistancing -

The country is currently being divided into two classes - upper class and lower class.

You know how buttigieg-friendly businesses have a rainbow sticker next to their front door? This is going to have to be the new sticker for private enterprise:

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