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How much longer will the attacks on the American Right-Wing continue?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We are faced with the choice of losing everything we have worked for or surrendering to the Left-Wing mob who will eventually take it all away anyway. They have boxed us in by advancing the narrative of Leftism because we have no representation in the Republican Party. The Republican party does not exist other than in name only. RINO

The Left has decriminalized crime which has forced the criminalization of basic Constitutional rights. They are using the Constitution against us by replacing Constitutionally written law with social justice law to implement new laws violating free speech to criminalize the criticism of identity politicians who are cloaked in the shield of this imaginary 'justice' in order to advance the narrative of socialism behind the front line that they they have created. A line that moves forward impervious to criticism. Power without responsibility is tyranny.

The Left has successfully, completely, subverted the rule of law by doing just one thing - criminalizing your right to free speech - that is it. I provided a detailed explanation below.

The process will continue until the goal is achieved - that is to destroy the Trump economy at the expense of individual citizens. There is a long list of people who have been punished for working with or supporting Trump along the way and those attacks have now targeted individual voters.

The information pertaining to #COVID19 that was the basis for the lockdown has been false.

The LOCKDOWN destroyed the economy NOT #COVID19 - It was the response to the virus that caused the economy to collapse.

Just like the Left has been sending the message for nearly 4 years now that anyone associating with Trump will be targeted, that now includes the voters and the American people.

37 people were indicted as a result of the phony Russian dossier. Just like the #BrettKavanaugh hearing, which was designed to punish, publicly humiliate and destroy the innocent lives of the Kavanaugh family in order to send a warning to anyone who is affiliated with Trump, the American voters are now being punished for simply supporting and being aligned with the President.

The Right has no representation and the GOP is dead.

This is a road map of how the Left destroyed the entire country by doing just one thing - violating your right to free speech. They did this by replacing merit with identity.

The Left criminalized an action of speech that they alone made illegal. They criminalized every single American citizen's right to criticism, except for their own. This, in turn made it illegal to challenge them. These 'hate speech laws' are unconstitutional but our elected officials decided not to defend our constitutional rights.

Trump Supporter Slapped In The Face At Black Lives Matter Plaza

It is true that black people are making up laws, breaking laws and doing whatever they feel like now that 'they are in charge' and they are not being challenged in any way because they made it illegal to challenge them. Make no mistake - they are getting away with this because they are black. The fundamental principle that they base the entirety of this insanity on is the identity politics by which they were elected. They literally call themselves identity politicians now. It is the false circular reasoning based on a logical fallacy that is the crux of the argument.

The is me 'reconstructing' their 'deconstructionism.'

The Left has completely subverted the rule of law by doing just one thing - criminalizing your right to free speech- that is it.

This is how powerful the right to free speech was (past tense). SCOTUS ruled that hate speech is free speech, but individual states still have the right to make their own laws.

Soros funded a bunch of minority prosecutors who changed the laws and made it illegal to criticize them. Fredrica Wilson has been talking about this for awhile now.

The current law of the land in blue states is based on this 'black logic' which is dictated by the systemic mental illness in the black community.

Mental illness - one of many examples of how the Left corrupts language in order to subvert and distort thought - when you corrupt the language of the society, you corrupt the society.

'That black man is not a criminal. He is mentally ill. You would not lock somebody up for having diabetes, would you?'

'That black 'victim,' not criminal, because in order for this to work, we need to make criminal the victim and the victim the criminal. NOTE: THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT. They take away your 1st Amendment rights. They have done this by changing the meaning of words by 'redefining' (relearning) the definition of speech by changing what the words mean.

This is where it happens. This is where the criminal becomes the victim and the victim becomes the criminal.

Now, if you believe this, then you must also believe that everything associated with the 'criminal' who is now the 'victim' must also believed.

For example, if you believe the black guy is a criminal, the only reason you could really believe that, based on the construct that you allowed them to create by taking away free speech, is if you are racist because you already agreed that the criminal is a victim. This is how we arrived here. Through deference.

In blue states, prosecutors funded by George Soros use the criminal is the victim lie/black logic to make YOU the criminal for calling the actual criminal a criminal because that is now labeled as a hate crime.

When you agree to this doublespeak, which you already have, they can do whatever they want and they can literally change all of the other laws, which they are currently doing, just by eliminating the right to free speech.

Socialism is here because of the elimination of free speech

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