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How do you know if someone is projecting "hate" or "just venting"?

This was an IDW admin question:

How do you know if someone is projecting "hate" or "just venting"?

Anger and outrage seems to be at a post-millennial high... is it a sign of "hate" or "venting"? Does it matter if the statements are based on truth? Is one more dangerous than the other? Are actions of groups and protesters on the Left considered differently from those on the Right?


I think this question could be worded better. Left-wing outbursts are the result of unexamined, unfocused anger. Few things piss me off more than people who do not focus their anger toward the source - toward those who deserve it. Those people who 'kick the dog' (an action that should be punishable by death) and what those who belong to certain generations would call 'taking it out on the kids' are unrefined low level thinkers.

The Left tweaks their constituents by preying on their (and most people's) inherent frustrations and feelings of inadequacy and then pivoting toward the White House and saying 'that guy is the cause of all your problems.'

Because the Left has been raised to learn not 'how' to think, but instead learn 'what' to think, this works.

I cannot remember if it was Gutfeld or Tucker who posed the idea that once the Left gets everything that they want (that they think they want) the world does not just go back to normalcy. These people have been cultivated for a dog fight. They are not all of the sudden going to turn into happy little pooches once they get ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Righteous anger is the antithesis of fear.

The Left puts imaginary obstacles in front of themselves to excuse their own inadequacies and pretends that 'these are the reasons' they can't do their homework. They don't understand that life is not fair.

The Right gets mad when unnecessary obstacles are put in their way because they want to do their homework, but there is a kid in the classroom who keeps crapping in his pants and nobody can get any work done.

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