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How Dems plan to profit from cybercrime – treat it like all other crime – PREDICTION 17GEN4

Cyber attacks, like UFOs, are a product of our government. With UFOs, it is a simple example of ‘manufacturing consent.’ UFOs have been used historically as a means of controlling the masses through political propaganda. You scare the hell out of the civilian population and then make them believe that only you can protect them and then because they are scared they will do what you say.

CYBERATTACKS: It is either the government themselves doing it, or it is being outsourced to a foreign or private entity.

Lack of concern for the ongoing cyberattacks across the country that have been increasing in numbers FOR YEARS is setting the stage for one thing: Funding a massive defense spending bill that will claim to address cybersecurity. The funding for which will then be used to spy on the American people. Specifically, the political right wing.

Newt Gingrich: Pipeline cyber attackers should be 'subject to death penalty'_YAHOONEWS

This is the level of seriousness that the Biden/Harris admin gives to the national security threat of cyberattacks:

When Pressed on Why US Has Seen Two Massive Cyberattacks Under Biden, Psaki Tells Peter Doocy to Track Down Russian Hackers and Ask Them (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Colonial Pipeline Crisis: If You Drove an Electric Car, ‘This Would Not Be Affecting You’_BREITBART

Have you received more or less fraudulent phone calls since the inception of the do not call registry? Have you received non-stop calls asking you to update your Google My Business page even though you do not have one? Curious that Google does not seem to be concerned at all about an entity using their name for that seemingly nefarious purpose.

The attack on the meat processing company just reminds us that it is not solar wind farms or left-wing type organizations that are being attacked. Interesting. Cyber crime, just like the rest of tech, seems to be dominated and controlled by the political left and used to attack their enemies, the political right.

Journalists are now fiction writers who are hired to manufacture narrative propaganda. This heavily relies on the lack of cybersecurity in this country. To cover up the gaping holes in their ‘news’ stories they produce eye-catching inflammatory pieces obtained by violating the privacy of their political opponents. Lack of cybersecurity is beneficial to the left wing.

Keep in mind also that ‘spying’ is now considered to be a legitimate form of journalism for the political left wing. Journalists do not really produce any news reporting anymore in the traditional sense. It is all propaganda and the stories they produce to distract from the fraud they propagate make them more like tabloid writers colluding to manufacture the perception of a Matt Gaetz scandal, for example, and the wild Hollywood-like back story that goes along with it while not even providing the name of the woman in question. Does this person even exist? Only in the world of the political left is it possible to do something like this: Juxtapose a bunch of false statements next to the picture of your political opponent without producing any specific information about the story.

How people think and feel about things often contain huge omissions when it comes to their ability to be to articulate and express any cohesive reconciliation of the events that led them to their conclusion. In other words, they do not even know why they feel or think the way they do when asked to explain it. It is shocking to me that people can be brainwashed in a free society.

Of course the real cybercrime that we should all be concerned with as American citizens is the social engineering that is occurring in every aspect of our culture though the misuse of social media and access to information contradicting the left wing narrative.

This is the same formula Dems used to created a police state: Elect a Soros funded prosecutor who will not prosecute criminals. Blame ‘lack of resources’ on soaring crime. Hire a huge number of new police and continue to not prosecute crime. Defund the police and misappropriate the budget. In short, create the problem, or cultivate the environment conducive to allow the ‘problem’ to develop and then intervene to solve the problem you created. This is how the government inserts themselves into every aspect of your lives.*

* There is a prediction inside of a prediction here – when the inflated police budgets do not produce any profit to justify the cost of policing in terms of fines, etc., the police will need to be defunded because the mathematical equation does not work. This is simple math – you cannot spend massive amounts of money on policing and then not prosecute criminals. This is similar to large corporate retail stores having to move out of blue states because they simply cannot turn a profit because theft is now allowed in these places. When police forces are trimmed, white cops will be the first to leave by choice or by force. Now you have an all black police force who will act just like the congressional black caucus. This is what the legal system will look like for you when black culture takes over policing, the prosecution and the courts:

Bill Barr hearing:

Democrat Non-Profits and Secret State Election Groups Met with the UN to Discuss 2020 Election Cybersecurity – Now Same Groups Are Working Against State Audits_GATEWAYPUNDIT

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