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Hooters outfits - The Final Decision

This is very simple. The design of the new shorts will be a go but the old color schemes and old tops will also be in effect.

Same color uniforms, new cuts on the shorts and same skimpy tops.

Problem solved.

It is discriminatory to focus on either ass or tits, but not both. Non-inclusive.

The food is mediocre and unless you are offering handjobs as appetizers on the menu with the low wages that you offer your servers who are working as pre-med students, this is not going to transition them to the job of their dreams at johns hopkins university.

Show me your tits and your ass at get in the kitchen and give me some food and flirt with me in the process or else I will go home and pour some hot sauce on my frozen shrimp and call up a hooker which would cost about the same.

No, no. Thank you. think of it as free advertising advice.

In other words, make me a sandwich.

And bring me a beer in a frosted glass.

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