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homepage evening 9/1/2020

Shock report: Up to 90% of COVID-positive Americans were possibly not even contagious_TRUEPUNDIT

“Sentenced To Isolation Prisons!” – College Students Across America Are Being Subjected To A Horrid Psychological Experiment_TRUEPUNDIT

Leftists Are Stupid and They Lie. It’s Their Jam_REDSTATE

In Order to Reopen San Diego Businesses Must Register Name And Number Of Every Single Customer_REDSTATE

After Years of Democrats Supporting Violence and Domestic Terrorism, Suddenly it is Trump’s Fault_REDSTATE

Trump: I Don’t Want My Supporters Confronting Protesters_BREITBART

WATCH: L.A. Rioters Drive Car Through Store Window After Officer-Involved Shooting_BREITBART

Exclusive–Angel Mom Kathy Hall: My Daughter’s Illegal Alien Killer Up for Parole After Only Two Years in Prison_BREITBART

Four Young Leftists Sentenced in Court After Hurling Chlorine Bomb at Police Officer, Nearly Killing Him and Detonating 7 Other Bombs_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Patriot Prayer Leader Joey Gibson: Governor Kate Brown Called Slain Trump Supporter a “White Supremacist” to Justify Murdering Him (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

The United States Is the Only Country Among Developed Nations Keeping Children Home from School_GATEWAYPUNDIT

CNN Reporter Demands President Trump Come Back and Answer Her Question as He Leaves Briefing Room (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

NYC judge cold-cocked in random attack on way to work: report_FOXNEWS

Protests erupt in Southern Los Angeles after Black man killed by deputies, report says_FOXNEWS

Milwaukee police community service officer fatally shot in ‘neighbor dispute’_FOXNEWS

Portland police declare riot after protesters march on Mayor Ted Wheeler's residence, burning debris thrown into building_FOXNEWS

Portland fatal shooting victim's friend: ‘They executed my partner. They hunted him down'_FOXNEWS

DC mayor pleads with US attorney to ramp up prosecutions of violent protesters_FOXNEWS

CNN's Don Lemon praises Biden after urging him to condemn riots: He put Trump 'on his heels'_FOXNEWS

MSNBC's Joy Reid says 'BLM doesn't riot,' blames Trump for encouraging violence fueled by 'white nationalist mobs'_FOXNEWS

Grenell on election security: 'We need to listen to the intelligence community'_FOXNEWS

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