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homepage 9/4/2020

Secret Service Inadvertently Confirms Gateway Pundit Story About Biden Sexually Assaulting Agent’s Girlfriend_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Judicial Watch Files Suit after Secret Service Admits to Destroying Records Related to Alleged Biden Altercation with Secret Service Agent_JUDICIALWATCH

Here Are 31 Times The Media Pushed Narratives Downplaying Riots And Looting After George Floyd’s Death_DAILYCALLER

Arizona State job applicants must show their commitment to ‘justice, diversity, inclusion, and equity’_COLLEGEFIX

Washington Post Says Election Will End in Violence Unless Biden Wins Landslide_TRUEPUNDIT

CDC’s ‘Six Percent’? IT’S EVEN LESS — CDC COVERS UP Number of COVID-19 Deaths Caused by Improper Use of Ventilators_TRUEPUNDIT

This is Fraud: 10% of Reported COVID-19 Deaths for Those Under 35 as Reported by the CDC Are Due to Poisoning, Trauma and Unintentional Injuries_GATEWAYPUNDIT

US Divorce Rates, Depression Soar Amid COVID-19 Pandemic_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Report: Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Conservative Activist Killed by Police_BREITBART

Videographer Discovers Portland Antifa War Camp Where Notable Anarchists Like ‘Trumpet Man’ Reside – Is Immediately Set Upon by Slingshots (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Cleveland police officer fatally shot; search underway for suspect: reports_FOXNEWS

American Psychological Association Urges ‘True Systemic Change in U.S. Culture’_BREITBART

Woman Allegedly Observed Performing Sex Act in NYC Street_BREITBART

The Atlantic Posts Ridiculous Hit Piece on President Trump and His Treatment of Veterans — President Trump Responds to Junk Report (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

LAUGHABLE: MSNBC Host Blames Trump Supporters For The Violence In Portland (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

With No Enthusiasm, Tiny Events and a Horrible Candidate, Democrats Appear to be Going for the Steal_GATEWAYPUNDIT

White Jewish Lady Admits She’s Been Pretending to be Black Her Entire Career as a University Professor in Black History_GATEWAYPUNDIT

BLM Protester Arrested In DC Was Also At Kenosha AND Portland Riots_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Biden and Harris Attack Police in New Campaign Ad as Violent Riots Continue Across America (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Trump Administration Cleans Up Cronyism. Cronies Sue Trump Administration_REDSTATE

‘I Had No Choice’ – Antifa Militant Gives Interview to Vice News Five Days After He Murders Portland Trump Supporter – Still No Arrest or Charges! (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

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