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homepage 9/2/2020

WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Says Trump Landslide Likely on Election Day – But will Be Flipped to Biden by Mail-In Votes Emerging a Week After Election_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Black professor argues Republicans have ‘deputized all white people to murder us’_COLLEGEFIX

NYPD Unveils New Disciplinary Matrix For Officers_OANN

'Black Lives Matter' could be painted on a street in downtown Phoenix_AZCENTRAL

Viral Video From Baltimore Illustrates an Advancing Disease More Deadly Than COVID_REDSTATE

DC Panel Calls for Removing, Relocating, or ‘Contextualizing’ Washington Monument, Other Landmarks_BREITBART

BREAKING: Corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan Pushes Back ‘Resolution’ of General Flynn Case, an Innocent Man, Until AFTER THE ELECTION!_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Smears Cop After Police Defended His Home_BREITBART

Massachusetts Primary Results_BREITBART

Pompeo: ‘Hopeful’ All Confucius Institutes Will Be Closed by Year’s End_BREITBART

FBI Warns Chicago-Area Police Street Gang Signed Pact to “Shoot On-Sight” Any Cop that Pulls Weapon on Anyone in Public (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

AG Bill Barr Warns Leftist Antifa-BLM Rioters: Officials Are Reviewing Video in Several Cities — And They Will Be Arrested and Prosecuted! (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Kamala Harris and Biden Staffers Donated to Bail Out Folks Arrested During Riots, Here’s What One of Them Then Did_REDSTATE (WE WERE BLOCKED FROM POSTING THIS ON TWITTER)

Trump Administration Cleans Up Cronyism. Cronies Sue Trump Administration_REDSTATE

Suspect Gaige Grosskreutz Who Has a Record, Carried a Gun and Regrets Not Shooting Kyle Rittenhouse, Runs Free in Wisconsin – How Come?_GATEWAYPUNDIT

NYC judge cold-cocked in random attack on way to work: report_FOXNEWS

Protests erupt in Southern Los Angeles after Black man killed by deputies, report says_FOXNEWS

Newt Gingrich: Only way to break violence is ‘keep arresting people until there’s no one left’_TRUEPUNDIT

Joy Reid — “All Trump Supporters are Murderous Terrorists Like Muslims or Something”_REDSTATE

DC mayor pleads with US attorney to ramp up prosecutions of violent protesters_FOXNEWS

HUGE! President Trump: Leftist Leaders “In the Dark Shadows” are Running the Riots and Chaos — Violent Leftists Were Flown in to Disrupt RNC (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

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SURPRISE! Officer Dunn Who Testified that Trump Supporters on Jan. 6 Were Chanting the “N-Word” Is HUGE BLM Activist — Supported Mass Violence in Kenosha Riots_GATEWAYPUNDIT ​ Joe Biden Lies to Truck