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2020 Presidential Debate Schedule - Campaign 2020 - Trump vs. The World

‘This is f---ing crazy’: Florida Latinos swamped by wild conspiracy theories_POLITICO

Democrat Supported Marxist Group Plans Siege on White House Starting September 17 for 50 Days Until the 2020 Election_GATEWAYPUNDIT

FOX News Panel Melts Down After Newt Gingrich Correctly Calls Out Lawless Soros-Funded District Attorneys (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Attorney General Barr rips Democrats as he warns U.S. approaching mob rule ahead of 2020 election_FOXNEWS

Revolver Exclusive — Meet Norm Eisen: Legal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump_REVOLVER

Chinese virologist: China's government 'intentionally' released COVID-19_FOXNEWS

Anti-cop rhetoric from Dems is having an effect on people's lives, Trey Gowdy says_FOXNEWS

DOJ Adds US National Security Attorney to General Michael Flynn’s Case For Yet Unknown Reasons_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Los Angeles-area city manager put on leave over social media post on two shot deputies_FOXNEWS

BARR IS USELESS: Barr criticizes Black Lives Matter movement: 'Not interested in Black lives, they're interested in props'_FOXNEWS

It Should be Obvious by Now that Dr. Fauci Is Insane: Quack Doctor Says Anonymous Sex OK but No Movies Until a Year After Vaccine_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Portland man allegedly set dumpster on fire alongside police building with 19 people inside_FOXNEWS

Black Lives Matter Bringing ‘Protest Parties’ to Trump Supporters’ Homes, Facebook Account Still Active Despite Repeatedly Posting Addresses of Conservatives_GATEWAYPUNDIT

PHILLY POPS OFF: BLM Mob Harasses White People Eating Dinner at Outdoor Restaurant (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Wikipedia's Co-Founder Is Wikipedia's Most Outspoken Critic_VICE

CHICAGO KIM FOXX: Teen Who Robbed Gun Store Was Released, Went On To Murder Walgreens Clerk

Portland Bans Police Using Facial-Recognition Technology_TRUEPUNDIT

WOW! Biden Flies All the Way to Florida for Only an 18 MINUTE SPEECH to Less than a Dozen Latino Supporters (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Surveillance Video of Ambush Shooting of LA Sheriff Deputies Released (Shooter Looks Like a Child!)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Black Lives Matter Rioter in Lancaster Hit in the Balls with Rubber Bullet, Drops to the Ground and Screams in Agony (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Trump issues stark warning to Iran after reports country is considering plot to assassinate US ambassador_FOXNEWS

The Nick Sandmann piece on 'not letting cancel culture silence him' should be no solace to you_RAZE

VIDEO: Black Woman Refuses To Move For White Flight Attendant…Shouts In Face Of Passenger: “Wake up, it’s 2020!…You don’t have white privilege over me”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Compton 'ambush' leaves 2 LA County sheriff's deputies 'fighting for their lives'_FOXNEWS

White Democrat Mayor Fist Fights Black Protester - No Charges Filed (VIDEO) - allegedly_17GEN4

Minnesota DA on George Floyd case balks as judge disqualifies him, 3 staffers over ‘sloppy’ work: reports_FOXNEWS

The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective_REDSTATE

Far Left Similar to Communist Movement, Former Student Radical Says_DAILYSIGNAL

BREAKING: Rochester Police Chief and Entire Police Department Command Staff Suddenly Announce Retirement Following Riots_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Prosecutors: Man fired 14 rounds during bogus “hostage situation” downtown_CWB

Biden Advisor Melts Down After Bret Baier Grills Him, Gets Obliterated_REDSTATE

UPDATE: “Green Truck” Pulled Up and Fired on the Two GOP Staffers — 17-Year-Old Victim Andre Conley was left Laying Face Down in the Parking Lot_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Democratic Derangement: Party ‘Games’ A Possible Coup If Trump Wins In November_ISSUESINSIGHTS

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