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homepage 8/27/2020

Bill Gates Gave Hundreds of Millions in Bribes to MSM, Newspapers, TV News Companies to Bury Negative Stories about Gates Foundation_TRUEPUNDIT

BLACK ATTACK:South Carolina college student, stepfather fatally shot in head by black guy who rear-ended them_FOXNEWS

Soros DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter “Needed” Stolen Goods Before Charging_REDSTATE

CNN Has Now Produced One of the Most Surreal Moments In ‘News’ History_REDSTATE

BREAKING: NEW VIDEO Shows Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse May Have Been Shot At First (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Democrats Off to The Races Making Up Things About Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse and Blaming Trump_REDSTATE

You Can’t Solve the Problem if You Are Unwilling to Identify the Problem_REDSTATE

Video: Protesters Break Jaw of 71-Year-Old Kenosha Man Fending Off Vandals_BREITBART

FBI ‘Top Ten’ fugitive nabbed after ‘honor killings’ of daughters_FOXNEWS

DOJ deploys 200 agents to Kenosha amid unrest, following through on Trump promise_FOXNEWS

Paul Kengor: Marxists Always Said if They Can Infiltrate 1% of Society, They Can Control the Other 99%_WESTERNJOURNAL

Pro-life journalist David Daleiden rips Kamala Harris' 'radical disrespect and contempt' for First Amendment_FOXNEWS

Soros has been cultivating identitarian politicians since the late 80s_17GEN4

White Mayor Fights Black Protester and Nobody cares_17GEN4

“Where’s Our Fu*kin’ Bailout?”: Ice Cube Slams Democrats For Abandoning Blacks (VIDEO)_TRUEPUNDIT

CALIFORNIA: More than 1 million unpaid unemployment claims backed up since MARCH 2020_KCRA

Oakland rioters torch courthouse, smash windows as unrest continues: police_FOXNEWS

Oregon protester convicted of arson in police precinct fire gets probation, community service_FOXNEWS

CONFIRMED: Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Says Blake “Admitted That He Had a Knife in His Possession”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Jacob Blake’s Father: ‘I Don’t Have Confidence in Anybody That Is White’ Investigating Son’s Shooting_DAILYWIRE

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