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homepage - 8/12/2020

KAMALA Harris promoted group that bailed out violent criminals_FOXNEWS

INCLUDING: a twice-convicted rapist previously prosecuted by Amy Klobuchar

Hundreds of Cases Against Portland Rioters to Be Dropped...will no longer be prosecuting people for rioting_REDSTATE

Washington Post accused of ‘sounding like Antifa’s publicist’ with glowing feature on Portland protesters_TRUEPUNDIT...

Attempted Erasing of Kamala Harris’s Prosecutorial Record From Wikipedia_BONGINO


Kamala Harris Failed Bar Exam on First Try Like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, _GATEWAYPUNDIT

PORTLAND RIOTS move into residential neighborhoods_FOXNEWS

CHICAGO: Chicago Charity Frees Accused Terrorist and Burglars_FREEBEACON

Chicago: Looters Target Ronald McDonald House with the Families of Young Sick Children Inside_GATEWAYPUNDIT

CHICAGO: Looting, battering a cop, getting arrested, going to bond court, and heading home for $500. What a day!_CWBCHICAGO

CHICAGO: Kim Foxx's office dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases: report_FOXNEWS

ACLU calls for dismantling of DHS after 'years of chaos and impunity'_FOXNEWS

Top state official caught using ‘doctored’ chart, data to push face mask mandate_TRUEPUNDIT

MORE ELDER ABUSE BY BLACK PEOPLE IN NURSING HOMES: Man Arrested For Brutally Beating Alzheimer’s Patient and Stealing Her Wedding Ring_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Bernie supporters, progressives trash Biden-Harris ticket: A 'middle finger' to the base_FOXNEWS

Wisconsin Agency Tells Employees They Must Wear a Face Mask For At-Home Zoom Calls to ‘Set a Good Example’_GATEWAYPUNDIT

BREAKING: The ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Rioters Break Into Portland Police Union for Third Time, Light It On Fire… Again_GATEWAYPUNDIT

JUST IN: Bill Clinton Issues Statement On Epstein Ties_DCPATRIOT

White Democrat Mayor Fist Fights Black Protester - No Charges Filed (VIDEO) - allegedly_17GEN4

Democrat Supported Marxist Group Plans Siege on White House Starting September 17 for 50 Days Until the 2020 Election_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Bill Barr Hearing - Soros Funded Black Debate Teams_17GEN4

U.N. Economist: Pandemic Shows Govts Can Make ‘Unorthodox… Massive Interventions’ for Climate Change_BREITBART

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