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Gross Incompetence Chase Bank

I tried to update my address with Chase Bank twice after I moved and the site confirmed that the information had been received and both times it ended up reverting back to the old address. 4/13/2020 I logged into my account and I was prompted to confirm a change of address I did not submit.

Chase Bank Account Security - I received no 2-step authentication/confirmation when this change was made. I did not receive and e-mail or text message asking to confirm that it was me attempting to make the change, and it was not.

However, even though I have been using the same device to login to my Chase bank account for quite some time now, the Chase Bank website does not recognize it and I am prompted to do a two-step authentication every single time I login to my account. If a 3rd party wants to change my address though, they can go ahead and do it apparently.

The low caliber of people who have infected the customer service realm at Chase bank is disturbing.

It seems that after one gets fired from being a customer service rep at the local cable provider they can easily pick up a job at Chase bank and be in charge of managing your money.

I have had several problems with these people over the past few years both on the phone and in person. They make it very obvious that they do not care about their job or you, and yet there they are - the gateway between you and your money.

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