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Great video about how forcing businesses to take government loans is a vehicle to social justice



Trudeau's COVID-19 business loan bailout requires accepting Liberal statement of values

I wrote about this a few weeks ago:

The U.S. Government is a bad marriage preparing for divorce

From my article:

If you had a business, the government has now told you whether or not you can continue to operate. You will be forced to 'take their help' to meet payroll, etc.

For those of you unfamiliar with how this works, think in terms of student loan debt. The government gives you, me, anybody the ability to take out a loan for an extremely large sum of money to 'invest in your future' and they then use this box you in. You don't comply with the Leftist agenda? You don't get a job, you don't pay back the loan and it screws up the rest of your life. I talked to a 58 year old woman yesterday who is a very intelligent person and she told me her student loans totaled $27,000. She currently owes over $100K and is paying back at over 8%. This is what the government will do to your business when you take their 'help.'

The loan can turn into a grant... Yea, here are a few ways this could work: You want that loan to be turned into a grant? Yes? How many minorities do you have working at your company? Not enough. Hire more. What type of green initiatives does your company comply with? Recycled paper? Electric cars? Ok, we can turn that loan into a grant, but first, we have to give you another loan and throw you further into debt. You know, for the hybrid vehicles, the diverse staff, the recycled paper we will make you buy and then a year later fine you for because you have not gone all electronic with your paperwork.

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