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Government controls corporations, not the other way around

'They are a private company and can do whatever they want.' No so. This is the statement that is given by politicians when they allow a private entity to do something that is in their own self interests.

I posted: Biden/Obama’s White House Communications Director Believes Big Tech Should Be Held Accountable for Misinformation on Their Platforms

They are a private company and can do what they want when it supports the narrative of the political left-wing. The government intervenes on these 'private companies' as soon as they do something that the government does not like.

Governments control corporations because governments control the regulations. Big Tech lobbies - pays off the government - Big Tech also acts as a government contractor to do the bidding of and surveillance for the government, that which the government is not legally (technically) allowed to do to its own citizens. Big Tech is a tool used by the government.

Dems typically believe corporations control govt. This is how the political left wing 'blames' the problem on someone else other than themselves. Lefties think 'big corporations' are the problem when the problem is that the government allows them to do what they are doing.

It is a symbiotic relationship. It is a quid pro quo. Mark Zuckerberg is a kid with a joystick. The govt. could shut down FB tomorrow if they wanted.

Some people donate to political candidates. Why? They do not get anything out of it. They PAY a politician because they think that politician is going to 'let them do something.' This comes in the form of tightening or loosening restrictions that align with the interests of the donor.

1. FB lobbies to congress to allow them to keep operating. Example: the things that facebook gets away with would never be allowed to happen with an independent competitor. (FB) This also denotes their 'cooperation' with the interests of the govt.

2. The government lets them do whatever they want - illegal surveillance, that the govt cannot do itself, legally.

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