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GOP Strategy 4/30/2021 - The trick in thinking identitarian politicians will fight the Left

Updated: May 2

They won't. They are afraid of Tim Scott. They are afraid of having an intelligent conversation about race with a black Republican.

This will be the epic mistake of the GOP. If race does not matter, then make Tim Scott have this conversation with Joy Reid and Candace Owens and have a roundtable. 'The Congressional Black Caucus' supports all kinds of 'black only events.' What could possibly be more important than the 'intelligent conversation about race' that we have so far not had time to have because of all of the 'systemic racism.'

Tucker had a great few segments on his show tonight about Frank Luntz. This is the answer to my previous question of, "Who is advising these assholes?" I said, "The GOP is paying someone a lot of money to 'advise them' and tell them what to say and that person is doing a really bad job from the perspective of the largest demographic of the typical Republican voter.

Tucker understands this. Why doesn't the GOP understand this? I already believed this even before I heard Tucker say it out loud. The GOP is completely disconnected from their voter base. It is time to clean house and replace these people with people who will at least make an attempt to make it look like they are doing something.

Trump raised the bar very high. Now, the GOP is showing everyone how useless they really are. The time for diplomacy and slippery slopes has long passed. I recently wrote and article titled, 'Trump or Go Home.'

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