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Google will promote black owned businesses - affirmative action in advertising

Original article here: Will Google’s new icon make it easier to support Black-owned businesses?

I would like to approach this in terms of the advertising dollars and ad placement. Black supremacy and black privilege in the marketplace. So NOW - The cost of competing for FURTHER limited ad space is tantamount to affirmative action in advertising.

The cost of advertising for 'other' businesses will eventually turn into - "Now we need a space for Mexican, Indian, Asian, LGBTQ, etc. owned businesses.' - Haven't we already seen that pattern before?

Will these people enjoy 'automatic' privileges with regard to YELP and other platforms as well as 'Google Reviews' that will make it illegal to write bad reviews of these businesses and call those reviews 'racist?'

These are all very important questions and I think we can all see where this is going.

What this signals to me is pretty much the same thing that all of the other black supremacy and black privilege initiatives are indicating - that there is a different set of rules, laws, business practices, etc for privileged people of color than there is for everybody else.

Notes and comments:

To put it simply, the cost of advertising for everyone else is going to go up because of this.

Start using DuckDuckGo - it has gotten better and as other people have commented, GOOGLE has gotten much worse in terms of producing the search results that you are looking for and instead show you what they want you to see. The gaslighting in society continues on through Google. Try doing a search for a negative article about Hillary Clinton and the search results produce a negative article about Donald Trump. 'History' will favor the search results that back up the narrative, not the truth. -

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