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Give Rodney another chance... The argument defending black people as victims of black culture

I recently posted this on a social media site:

Rude Woman Who Wouldn’t Get Off Her Phone or Listen to Law Enforcement Forces All Passengers to Deboard Plane_GATEWAYPUNDIT

I added: 'They should have just dragged her black ass off the plane. Why can't black people cooperate on airplanes anymore? Did they forget during the pandemic?'

This guy responded:

It's more a cultural issue than a racial issue. The Democrat Party and liberal policies have seriously hurt the black community and made them angry, feeling oppressed, and glorifying violence and crude behavior. You don't see this in other parts of the world. It's a liberal invention. But if you say anything about it, the screams of racism begin.

I will credit his website here because I think it is a good one:

My response:

I see what you are saying. I do not know how it can be a 'black culture' issue without it being a 'race' issue. These are Americans who were born and raised here, not immigrants who brought their cultures with them from another country. I agree, the Dems did create the environment for this to develop, but now they are trying to bring it into the mainstream.

Many people say, 'it is not because they are black, it is because...' It is totally because they are black. They are black people and they are the ones doing it. So it is kind of difficult to say that it is not because they are black. Further, without the race component, you cannot achieve the slight of hand known as identitarian politics - which is literally, GIVE ME THIS POLITICAL SEAT OF POWER BECAUSE I AM BLACK AND THEREFORE I DESERVE IT.

I have heard many attempts at addressing this topic from an academic perspective by intelligent people on the right, because apparently, we cannot have an intelligent conversation about race with black Democrats or any Democrats. It is impossible, BECAUSE - if you blame society instead of the individual, you may as well not have the conversation.

Asking that question first - "Do you blame society or the individual when it comes to accountability for personal behavior?" This is the best way to avoid the argument that stops at the same point during every 'intelligent conversation about race' which is when the individual is no longer held responsible for their own actions.

If an individual cannot be held responsible for their own actions, that is a whole different conversation altogether. If you do not have control over your own faculties and you have a propensity to engage in dangerous and unlawful behavior, then you should probably be monitored and restricted from freely moving about society.


That was my response. It all about BEHAVIOR. Black people are completely unaccountable for their own behavior. Identitarian politics - you cannot criticize MY BEHAVIOR because I am black. Stacey Abrams - 'Identity politics is the only kind of politics that we should be concerned with.' Why? Because it requires that you completely ignore their behavior.

It is impossible to debate a Democrat not because they are good at debate, but because they deny the effects of their policies even when presented with undeniable truth regarding the statistical outcomes produced by their actions. They deny it is happening. Then, when forced to admit that it is happening, they downplay it and say that it is not that bad (and blame in on you) and then for the finale, they attack you personally which is completely off script and have nothing to do with the conversation. 'Your a racist.' They completely change the subject.

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