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Fox News Homepage about new gun ownership accidentally shows woman breaking the law

I have been seeing many stories pop up in the news about what I assume are 'new gun owners' pulling out their weapons and waving them around in various places such as the parking lot of a Barnes and Noble because someone cut them off or they lost a battle for a parking spot. This is called 'aggravated assault' in most places.

When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When you have a new toy and that toy happens to be a gun you are not allowed to handle it in an unsecured manner even in states that have open carry laws. You better not pull it out unless you are going to pull the trigger.

This is especially dangerous in a time when there is a two-tiered system of justice and application of the law is not applied equally. I did a piece about a month ago on a phenomenon that is flying under the radar in response to an article in an NRA mag about the perception of black people with guns.

Police responded to a shooting at a mall and the description of the suspect was a black man holding a gun. Police showed up and saw a black man holding a gun who happened to be a concealed carry permit holder. However, he matched the description of the assailant and guess what happened? You already know - he didn't drop the gun when cops told him to and they shot him. Read that story here: The problem with black people is behavior, not racism

Even when you are leagally allowed to carry a gun, you still have to do what the police officer tells you to do. And until that certain demographic of people understands this, they will continue to be shot.


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