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Fox News does a piece that has a 'SO WHAT?' vibe to it about 'cancel culture'

I believe that this is an example of what Trump was referring to when he said that Fox News is 'going Left'

Fox News disturbing piece about cancel culture

Defining it this way legitimizes it -

Is doxxing legal or illegal? - it appears that this falls under the category of: it is legal for the Left to do it but not the Right and Soros funded prosecutors and DAs will go along with this this. The two-tiered system of justice.

By now, we've all heard of "cancel culture" -- a form of social media-fueled activism condemned by President Trump but supported in some ways by activists as a tool for achieving social change.

"The thing is, technology is amoral; anyone can use it," Dennis Santiago, a global risk and financial analyst, told Fox News. "Cancel culture is merely another form of an advertising campaign that is using these platforms for destructive versus constructive purposes."

Cancel culture is the process of banding together to publicly shame celebrities, corporations, or movements that are deemed by some to be offensive -- not only to demand an apology or seek some form of accountability but squeezing the business or personality financially.

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