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Federalization of your local police starts now...

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Yogananda Pittman is the Capitol Police Chief who is responsible for keeping the name of Ashli Babbit's killer under wraps as well as his exhoneration for her murder. We now know Michael Byrd is the name of that Capitol police officer who murdered Ashli Babbit.

Yogananda Pittman also sent local police IN CALIFORNIA to the home of a man there who was critical of AOC on Twitter in earlier this year.

Podcaster receives police visit over alleged AOC threat — but there's more to the story

Yogananda Pittman along with D.C. prosecutors are responsible for illegally detaining political prisoners for fear they make talk about election fraud and now they are moving field offices to Florida and California to attack people critical of left-wing politicians.

STUNNING! In a Congressional First Pelosi Opens Satellite Field Offices for DC Capitol Police in Florida and California to Deal with Regional Threats

Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham and others were attacked, not just threatened, and an investigation into those crimes were ignored.

This is the end of your free speech in these locations.

Florida House Rep. Fredrica Wilson has been saying for years that it should be illegal to criticize members of Congress and now it appears that they are abiding by her wishes.

Florida Democrat says those 'making fun' of members of Congress online should be 'prosecuted'_FOXNEWS

Now you are here...

Capitol Police opening up new offices in Florida, California to handle threats to Congress_FOXNEWS

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