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Don’t Grow Up To Be Like Juan Williams – Best advice you can give your kids

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Alanis Morrisette wrote a song called ‘Ironic’ and almost none of the unfortunate incidents she describes are actually examples of irony. Was the biggest musical hoax of the 90s just a calculated maneuver? I think not. People don’t think. They are like parrots.

Some of you now reporting the news were at those concerts echoing the misfortune that it rained on your wedding day and incorrectly referred to normal weather patterns as irony. You are spewing far-worse moronic garbage now, but for the exact same reason – because somebody else is doing it and they are telling you to join in.

The constant percussive stoking of on-air jagoffs talking about racism and climate change like it is real because they are pissed off at Donald Trump is like an endless feedback loop of tinnitus ringing in the ears of the sane… Why? Nobody really knows. They are just repeating the mantra of the clinically insane because the system that they thought they had completely manipulated to bend to their will totally worked and stopped them in their tracks.

Life is unfair and they just can’t accept it. So, they are going to make everything the fault of Donald Trump and when they realize that only their votes, and not their opinions, matter; they will make it your fault for voting for him.

They could have just gone to the polls and voted, but this is the mentality of these people. They are going to stop you from voting instead. It never occurs to them to actually do the work. I still cannot figure out how Jussie Smollet thought he was going to get a pay raise by faking a hate crime against himself. Never occurred to him to take a class or practice.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The answer used to be to practice. Now the answer is to fake a hate crime against yourself.

And the people on the Right have problems?

I knew a guy once who would spend an hour trying to figure out how to get out of doing a 10 minute task. But I digress.

While I am not saying that Juan Williams is 100% responsible for most of the mass shootings that have occurred since Trump was elected, nobody wants their kid to grow up to be like Juan Williams. You have to be taught and learn how to act like that. I wonder, what is it that a viewer might happen to deduce from watching a Juan Williams type figure?

If you or anyone you know relates to Juan Williams in any way you need to see a medical professional immediately. I would stay away from anyone who used to be affiliated with Duke University.

Don’t make this the good advice that you just didn’t take. Stop being an asshole now.

Your kids are stupid. They don’t know how to do anything despite having six-figure student loan debt. They are certainly not going to take care of you because they cannot take care of themselves.

You are not going to the polls to vote for a political party in 2020. You are going to the polls to vote for one of two different governments. Before you choose a government that you have not yet experienced, take spring break in Venezuela or anywhere in Europe right now and see where you will be in a few years. Once you cross that line, there is no going back.

There are no short cuts in life. Read a book once in a while as painful as it might sound. Learn about the language that is being distorted to manipulate your perception of reality, and take back control of your life.

This country is in the middle of a civil war and if you don’t learn to articulate your grievances and state your position in a clear and concise manner for your own understanding as well as communicate effectively and efficiently with others around you, we will all end up like Juan Williams.

The entire persona of the Left is one giant excuse to avoid taking responsibility for doing something productive.

Here is your kid right now:

I can’t do my homework yet because I am suffering from PTSD because a kid at school wore a MAGA hat. And mom and dad, if you don’t leave me alone I might start to become confused about my gender and go off to school named Samantha and return demanding you call me Samuel.

After all, it was your ancestors, mom and dad, who enslaved people that former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh called the n-word and caused them to go around committing crimes and smoking crack because they were driven into a life of desperation by the social construct of the white males who all want to Make America Great Again by once again enslaving those people Joe Walsh called the n-word. Not on my watch.

When what you are thinking is totally true, but you are too afraid to say it because now you too are convinced that it is hate speech...

Truth is the new hate speech. Everything I write here is totally true. Wildly unpopular, but totally true.

It is entirely possible that good people are depressed, lonely and offing themselves because they think that there is something wrong with them. They may feel this way because they are perfectly normal. And to be perfectly normal is to be some kind of virtue-signalling supremacist in the world of the Left.

How dare you have your shit together. How dare you have a job or go to church and shoot guns and spend time with your family. It sickens them.

Winston, the doctor will see you now. Room 101 – 1984 in 2020

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