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Does anyone else find it curious that Dems are not really worried at all about the #coronavirus ?

I mean this honestly, not to be disparaging. Does anyone else find it curious that Dems are not really worried at all about the #coronavirus ? They are really not taking this seriously. Is this an example of never let a good crisis go to waste or are they over the top mocking this 'pandemic' because they know it is way overblown? This is literally an example of how they manipulate a society in real time.

This would further support the widely held belief that this is, of course, just a huge economy destroying stunt propagated by the Left. If true, they are truly despicable. I keep hearing about addicts relapsing. I see people driving and walking around with these stupid masks on. Still not aware of what it means to practice good hygiene. I am disgusted by our leaders, the media they use as a tool to manipulate the grossly ignorant general public - a condition that they cultivated where the retarded masses can be used to control the whole of society. We are watching it in real time.

Sorry, but is anyone else also disenfranchised with US intelligence? I am a news junkie and I have mostly turned all of this off. It is all a bunch of garbage. It is making me depressed to watch it and the news is utterly useless in times of crisis. Which 'scientists' are we supposed to believe? The same ones with a gun to their heads who talk about climate change?


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