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Discrimination against white males - the only group not privileged with the status of oppression

Everyone except for white males has become a member of an 'oppressed group' that comes with its own set of privileges. All of them, it turns out, claim to be oppressed by white males.

The Left has exploited people's feelings of inferiority and blamed those feelings on Donald Trump and people who look like Donald Trump. Cause a problem, pivot and then point to your opponent as the cause of the problem. A common Democrat tactic. #Leftism

Discrimination against white males is hard to resist if you are one of the groups that benefits from it. This is, of course, EVERY group other than white males. So ladies, feel like you are not at the level you would like to be? The Brett Kavanaugh Hearing - an 8 hour commercial paid for with your tax dollars - 'How to get your way to the top without even sleeping with your boss...' Now you can just accuse him of something and you don't even have to have proof.

And even later when you are caught red handed committing a crime because your lawyer announces to the press that the motivation was highly political... and nothing happens.

Going along with this may seem idiotic if you value a white male in your life. This may be a father, son, husband, grandfather, whatever. But it is hard to get people to not go along with it when they are incentivized for discriminating against this class of people - white males.

Why would any of these oppressed groups (again - anybody who is a non-white male has claimed 'victim status' under he guise of being oppressed by the white male) defend you? Women have been told that YOU are the problem. Lazy blacks have another, in a long list of excuses to not take personal accountability for their own actions. Everybody - Mexicans - who have destroyed the economy in many ways while the Left has been telling people for decades now that "Americans wont do this work...'

20 years ago you get a part-time landscaping job making $20/hr.

20 years later - the going rate for a day-laborer in the landscaping industry $14/hr.

This has nothing to do with my compassion for people who come from shithole countries.

If I were on the other side of the border I would be trying to get over here too. The policies are detrimental to the economy and Dems use the humanitarian angle and Republicans love the cheap labor. Illegal immigration is a big 'fuck you' to the American labor industry.

It is happening in tech too. I hope it starts happening in more white collar professions. As long as we are putting law degrees, for example, in the hands of black people who can barely read, it won't be long before the Mexicans line up to get theirs and undercut your prices as well. They are already doing it. Some lawyers that cater to Mexicans charge 1/3 of what every other lawyers charges. They will probably eventually take over that industry too.

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