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Demonstration of Power - The Black Lesbian Midget Who Runs The City of Chicago

Updated: May 12, 2020

It will be interesting to see who gets access to what when the cesspool called Chicago starts to reopen.

Update 5/11/2020 -

When will the people of Illinois realize that for the final act they take away the rights of the people who helped them advance their narrative?

A tiny little black woman is telling you to watch your life's savings disappear and you just let her do it.

A tiny little black lesbian is telling you to stay home and not go to work and is telling business owners that they are not allowed to let you work. And you just let her do it.

If only the black lesbian mayor of Chicago were as passionate about crime as she is about destroying the economy of her city in exchange for a political power grab.

'Social justice' is an exercise in manufacturing consent via sociopathic gaslighting and you just let them do it because you are afraid to be called a racist. Afraid that if you do not comply, what society will do to you.

Do you know why they put terrorist training camps next to schools in Muslim countries? Because they know that their enemies are not going to drop a bomb on a building full of kids.

Do you know why Leftist Democrats put identity politicians in positions of power? Because you will be too afraid to criticize them while they are taking away your rights. And you will just sit there and let them do it.

Do you know why entities like George Soros fund the campaign of people like Kim Foxx and why people with little to no qualifications who look like Barack Obama's sister are elected to the office of mayor of the city of Chicago? Because when a group of black women are tasked with carrying out the destruction of freedom and liberty, promoting tyranny and openly discriminating against white people that a bunch of scared little white folks will just let them do it. They will even vote for it. Why? Because if you don't they could always #BrettKavanaugh you. Why? Because you let them.

You procrastinated and made excuses to not leave Illinois and it is poetic justice that you are now their prisoners, their slaves; while the actual prisoners are being let out of prison for what is starting to look like a grossly over hyped exercise in gaslighting the residents of Illinois (other blue states and the American public) to advance the narrative of social justice and to usher in socialism.

All of the information is pointing to the idea that the response to this coronavirus was blown wildly out of proportion and that the economy of the entire country is being thrown into a shredder because a group of Leftist Democrats don't like President Donald Trump.

You life is being destroyed because of someone else's feelings of inferiority. The 'oppressed people' always seem to be granted the power to tear down what others have built because you are too afraid to criticize them.

One of the reasons Trump was elected is because he said sit down and wait your turn, you are being very rude. But no. The SJWs of society have obamaed, hillaried and buttigieged their way into your personal accomplishments, called you a racist and fucked up your life because we are all equal.?! You just let them do it.

That job you said you were tied to in Illinois... probably gone. That business that you were barely hanging onto for dear life which was repeatedly raped with taxation and laws that literally incentivize criminals to rob you, gone. If you could shut down for two months and just close your doors and go on vacation you probably would. The only people who think that business owners can actually pull off such absurd acts are, well, people like former Illinois resident Barack Obama - whose wife talks about 'white flight' from their multi-million dollar mansion in CA.

I love watching Chicago burn to the ground. I hope that all of the residents in that hell hole are consumed by the flames they voted for. You asked for this. You wanted to be polite.

Self-proclaimed 'Triple Threat' Lori Lightfoot ran on the platform of identity politics.

"What makes you qualified to be mayor of Chicago?"

"I am a woman. I am black. I am a lesbian. I am a triple threat."

Now, she is running around like a baby sitter trying to distract the children she is watching (the residents of Chicago) by playing with penguins, playing the guitar, making videos of her dancing - you know, all of those qualities that one looks for in a respectable leader. AND ALL OF YOU ARE BEING TREATED LIKE LITTLE BABIES AND JUST LETTING HER DO IT. Congratulations assholes. Do you feel good about social justice?

She has no idea what she is doing and all of you are pretending to not notice that you are now being held captive by an identity politician.

This is how they do it: They run on a platform of identity politics. What are your qualifications? I am a black lesbian midget. Then, when you criticize their policies, they say you are criticizing them because of their identity... Well, If you make your identity your platform, so what? Then this is exactly what should be criticized for because the irony is that people like Lightfoot act as if they are superior by suggesting their their identity is some sort of qualification that needs to be recognized as some sort of legitimate measurable merit. - I am superior to you because I am a black lesbian midget. Any legitimate criticism of her policies is met with a response that the criticism is racist.

You can repeat this with every asshole in charge of anything in Chicago. Kim Foxx, for example. They break the law right in front of your face... We are doing the responsible thing by letting them out of jail. Even some of the chief judges in Chicago who say that there have been no negative consequences of affordable bail programs... When organizations like CWB Chicago report examples of how this is untrue on a daily basis.

So what it is about seeing through then lens of social justice that mayors, prosecutors and judges in Chicago see or don't see? Sweeping mental illness in the black community?

Dontrell robs a bank, rapes a few women, steals five cars and Dontrell is not a criminal. Dontrell is mentally ill. And you wouldn't lock someone up for being sick, would you?

Thank you white people in Chicago. Power is never given, it is taken. Unless, you are a white resident of sanctuary state Illinois. You supported social justice initiatives because they gave you a little bit of tyrannical power over people you do not like.

This guy didn't do what I said, because I said so... so I say he raped me. And the courts go along with this.

Black asshole having a bad day... I finna go to a store and start doin black people shit and get some honky fired from him job. No problem.

I finna take a man like Jim Van Buskirk and fuck with him because he white and then threaten him and say that if he decides to try and defend himself or go to the press with his story (the Chicago press corp is a fucking joke and arm of the political machine in Illinois) that I will just come up with things to charge him with. Prosecutors pay no consequences for withholding exculpatory evidence. This seems to be a very disturbing trait among black people in positions of power. Oh, the irony. Withholding exculpatory evidence is not only highly illegal, it is very commonly practiced by black people who for some reason are untouchable and immune to scrutiny.

Why are you letting them do this to you?

And there you are. Your rights stripped completely away. Sitting there helpless while the crime goes up and up and up and they tell you it is going down and down and down.

Is anybody going to do anything about this? No. You are all just going to sit there like sheep and let it happen. I can't wait for Chicago to have a Ferguson moment. I can't wait. Imagining the warmth of the fire emanating

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