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Updated: Nov 12

Normalized violence, manufactured strain on the economy, illegal immigration, attack on essential workers, Soros funded prosecutors, elimination of free speech, CRT

Kamala Harris lies about her Asian heritage so people will think that she is smarter than she really is. By today's standards, her 'Asian' heritage declaration may have prevented her from getting into college. They break the rules (or blow somebody) to get in and then change the rules so that you cannot remove them once they are in there.

Special Report: Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election workers_REUTERS

Arizona school board president's secret dossier on parents who oppose CRT and mask mandates was discovered after he accidentally sent a link to a mom: Private investigator ran background checks and parents were filmed_DAILYMAIL

War memorial defaced with graffiti: ‘The real heroes are the vaccinated’__FOXNEWS

Joe Biden to Americans: “Did You Ever Think You’d Pay This Much for a Gallon of Gas?”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Joe Biden Rambles About Driving to McDonald’s to Use the Internet (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Kamala Harris video urging churchgoers to vote for McAuliffe may be illegal_FOXNEWS

It's Not Just Kamala: Multiple Dems Involved in Questionable Electioneering Actions_REDSTATE

Texas National Guard soldiers fired upon across border by suspected cartel gunmen, authorities say_FOXNEWS

America is ALREADY in a recession that could be as bad as 2008: Dartmouth College professor warns that real state of the economy has been skewed by Biden's huge unemployment payments_DAILYMAIL

Biden is booed at Congressional ballgame with his domestic agenda on the brink: Manchin decries 'fiscal insanity' as he and Sinema hold out on $3.5T budget vote while The Squad works to scuttle Joe's $1.2T infrastructure bill_DAILYMAIL

When has the truth ever mattered to the Democrats? They’re liars by nature.

Pelosi, Democrats Push Media Hoax Claiming Border Patrol Agents on Horseback “Whipped” Black Haitians in Del Rio_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Is Biden Trying to Collapse the US Dollar? Current Actions Indicate He’s Handing the Dollar Over to International Entities Like the IMF (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Texas Congressman: Border Town “Completely Overrun…Virtually No Border in Del Rio, Migrants Are Crossing Back and Forth from Mexico with Ease” (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Biden Admin Bans Drones Over Del Rio Migrant Camp After Fox News Videos Show Thousands in Outdoor Detention Camp_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Hundreds of New York Teachers Chant ‘F–k Joe Biden’ During Protest Against Vaccine Mandates_AMGREATNESS

Biden’s Migrants Raped in Panama Jungle_BREITBART

Kamala Harris Trashes Americans in 9/11 Speech: “Muslim Americans Were Targeted Because of How They Looked” (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

From Record High Markets and Record Low Unemployment Under Trump to Record High Inflation Under Biden in a Matter of Months_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Obama Judge Ignores and then Throws Out Attorney Sidney Powell’s Trump 2020 Election Case in Michigan – Now Assessing Powell Fine of $200,000 for Filing Case_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Harris on Same Day Biden Announces Vax Mandates: ‘When People Are Able to Make Choices without Government Interference… We Are a Stronger Society’ (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Joe Biden’s Plan for Forced Vaccinations for American Workers Does Not Include Illegal Aliens_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Mitch McConnell: ‘President Is Not Going to Be Removed from Office’_BREITBART

Biden’s Insane Policies Are Destroying the Economy Too – Consumer Spending Sentiment Plunges While Inflation Reaches Highest Annual Increase in 30 Years_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Democrats Advance Plan Allowing DACA Illegal Aliens to Work on Capitol Hill_BREITBART

Joe Biden Falsely Claims – TWO TIMES IN A ROW – That 350 Million Americans Have Been Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Democrat Arizona State Senator Arrested, Charged with Multiple Counts of Sexual Conduct with Child_GATEWAYPUNDIT

One Payoff in the Infrastructure Deal Is So Blatantly Corrupt That You Almost Have to Respect the Hustle_REDSTATE

Biden/Harris admin is 'killing people' by blocking CDC and VAERS data from being shared on social media - For Second Week in a Row: More COVID-19 Vaccination Deaths than COVID-19 Deaths in the US According to CDC and VAERS Websites_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Better Than Bitcoin - The Number of COVID-Positive Illegal Immigrants Arriving at the Border Has Surged 900% in Just Two Weeks_REDSTATE

Biden/Harris admin is 'KILLING PEOPLE' by not closing the southern border COVID DELTA_DAILYMAIL

The snake eating its own tail - Howard University students call for Bill Cosby's on-screen wife Phylicia Rashad to be FIRED from her post of dean at the historically black school after she celebrated his conviction being overturned_DAILYMAIL

New York Times op-ed warned Democrats have 'one year' to save the planet_FOXNEWS

Joe Biden Has a Kamala Harris Problem_TOWNHALL

Jen Psaki says REPUBLICANS are the 'defund the police' party after they voted against Biden's $1.9trillion American Rescue Plan that provided money for law enforcement_DAILYMAIL

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