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Defunding Police is a White Supremacist's Dream Come True

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

"Just let them kill each other." Do it! I'm in.

For me, the 2020 American Revolution started 5 years ago when I witnessed the brain washing of the masses via a false narrative propagated by Left-Wing MSM with regard to 'Saint Michael Brown' of Ferguson - the 'Gentle Giant' jus finna mindin his own biznass. Lawdy.

"Hands Up Don't Shoot" never happened.

Nothing would make me happier than to watch deep blue cities and states just burn to the fucking ground. I am getting my wish - watching the savages do it virtually not only uninterrupted, but as in the city of Chicago, it appears as if government resources are being used to plan, organize and execute the carnage at the behest of identity politicians.

The stories I cannot tell from what I have heard first hand from people in the middle of all this are 10X more shocking than anything you will see on the news. However, in order to allow what we are currently witnessing, the mainly black leaders have to criminalize rights protected under the Constitution such as the right of the people to criticize what elected officials are doing.

Mayor Lightfoot and Kim Foxx in Chicago are subversive actors complicit in the destruction of the physical and economic 'LIFE' of the city of Chicago. It appears to me that their goal is to completely destroy the city of Chicago and then rebuild it in their image.

For example: they will smash the business built by a white man and then give the economic stimulus to rebuild to your black counterpart. Yes. This is happening.

Justin Trudeau openly admitted to doing this in Canada and they are using, what else, climate change as a vehicle to do it. Climate change is the baseline for Leftism.

They give you a grant which could stay a grant or could become a loan depending on your ability to comply with: green initiatives, social justice, etc. This is how they box you in and make you their slave. Of course, none of these rules apply to black people or Leftists.

The people who just wanted an equal seat at the table will not blatantly and completely tip the scales forever in their favor to right the wrongs of the past. SO in other words, in their minds, they are justified in doing so because now it is their turn to oppress you.

This should not shock anyone. We have been watching the parallel false narratives play out for some time now - black politician gets up in front of the camera and says something very offensive and racist toward white people and everyone is too afraid to be called a racist so they just let that person do it. That is how we arrived here. Now, there are daily reminders that if you even try to defend yourself in an intelligent way, you will be labeled a racist and your life destroyed.

But after they have already done all of this, what is stopping you?

I proudly stand up and call myself a racist. At least you know what side I am on. I am on the side that assimilates with traditional American values... which they have established is the only criteria they need to call you a bigot. Sticks and stones. Wear it proudly or surrender.

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