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Now you are here: 'Death to America' - the popular vote to destroy oneself goes against nature.

A bunch of people called MAGA supporters who were proud of their country and believed in something bigger than themselves were outnumbered by people who hate this country and believe in nothing.

Objective: The illusion of self-importance which requires over-socialization to be fulfilled by an echo chamber of nonsense (social media). Scapegoating your problems into the bucket of 'ills of society' and then attaching that package to your Leftist leaders' political enemies. Lie, cheat and steal to tow the line of #climatechange and now #coronavirus and chant that you will #BuildBackBetter, #Reimagine a more equitable society and don't forget #TheGreatReset which are all synonyms for #Socialism.

'They' conned the American public with a phony virus, or at least a phony scare of a real, yet relatively benign, virus because they could not legitimately beat Donald J. Trump at the polls. 'They' destroyed your business and your livelihood because they are pissed off at the success of DJT, and your success as well it turns out.

'They' even used your kids against you by shutting down schools. 'They' drove people into a deep depression while forcing them to wear masks. 'They' created artificial panic and used toilet paper as the control in the social experiment. It worked. You followed obediently grabbing up every roll you could find because they told you it was disappearing.

'They' created a coin shortage by not accepting coins, which was really an excuse to not accept cash, which was really designed to draw out people with cash to find out who has stockpiled reserves.

'They' allowed a group of thugs to go around destroying your homes and businesses and told law enforcement to stand down, and they did.

'They' claim that 'systemic racism' is to blame for inequity in output of the billions of people in the human race as if we were all insects, which we are to them - nameless, faceless (masks) drones, all exactly the same. This is utter nonsense, but the Biden/Harris ticket believes it and their constituents believe it for the same reason 'they' went out and bought all of that toilet paper - because they were told to.

'They' rigged a General Election for POTUS in The United States of America and are gaslighting the entire country, acting as if it were legit.

Trump did a great job of installing supposed Conservatives judges. We will see as many reveal themselves to be RINOs in Elephant clothing.

But all it takes is one Leftist ('THEY') - the cancer cell that has metastasized in our great nation and just another example that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is who we refer to when we speak of 'They.' Now you are here.

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