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Dear Black People, One black guy nobody has never heard of is not worth this - National Riots

We are at the beginning of day 9 of a nationally organized riot. Planned, organized and executed by deep blue state politicians. It is not about George Floyd. Coronavirus was not about a virus either. And we know that now. COVID19 is an exercise in being gaslighted by the 'medical professionals' who are controlled by the people who told them what to say.

George Floyd died of a heart attack, not asphyxiation. No matter, the family will hire an independent party with the expressed purpose of arriving at the desired conclusion. And everyone pretends that it is all legit.

Deference is how we arrived here. From the Congressional Black Caucus to the black politicians and lawyers to the black cops with badges and guns. We are not the same and black people have not made any decisions about choosing to be free, but rather auction themselves off to the highest bidder every election cycle.

They have proven time and time again that they DO NOT know what to do. Black lesbian mayor of Chicago, self-described 'triple threat' said this yesterday:

The mayor of Chicago made a statement yesterday indicating that the violence will continue and that the 'windows' can be fixed but the 'system' is broken. You can view the video of her frightening broadcast on Twitter yesterday decidedly confirming that the city of Chicago will be rebuilt in her image. The suggestion here is that the black people who run Chicago are going to let EVERYTHING be destroyed and then rebuild it the way they want it to be. Because of systemic white racism.

The message here is simple: Black people are hurting. Black people are angry and rightfully so. The mayor, prosecutor, attorney general, police chief supt. in Chicago are all black. Yet, we hear non-stop that the system is permeated by institutional racism. They all come from the same DNA of the people who have a predilection toward unreasonable behavior and violence. The rioting and entertainment for them and a chance for them to get back at whitey.

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