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Updated: Mar 2

A Ukrainian hacker's tale of how he is aiding the land war by battling Russia for the cloud_FOXNEWS

US warns of Russian cyberattacks and GOP congressman says Ukraine invasion is now 'inevitable' after Biden failed to 'project strength': President warns Putin of 'swift and severe' cost during hour-long call_DAILYMAIL

SolarWinds hack one year later, cybersecurity experts say we’re no better off_FOXNEWS

How to Stop Google Apps from Tracking You Before Christmas Travel_BREITBART

Chinese hackers are exploiting 'fully weaponised' software vulnerability which is causing 'mayhem on the web' and poses a threat to internet-connected devices worldwide, experts warn_DAILYMAIL

'Fully weaponized' software bug poses a threat to Minecraft gamers and apps worldwide including Google, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Apple iCloud, Uber and Amazon_DAILYMAIL

White House to host global anti-ransomware meeting; Russia not invited_FOXNEWS

Hackers of SolarWinds stole data on U.S. sanctions policy, intelligence probes_REUTERS

Hackers "Own" Jeff Bezos By Stealing & Publishing Twitch Source Code In "Huge" Hack_ZEROHEDGE

Biden Effect: State Department Website Hacked 2 Weeks Ago – Unclear When Breach Was Discovered_GATEWAYPUNDIT

T-Mobile is investigating 'massive data breach': 100million customers' contact details, social security numbers, driver licenses and phone serial numbers are 'stolen by hacker now selling them for $270,000 worth of Bitcoin'_DAILYMAIL

The Digital Vigilantes Who Hack Back_NEWYORKER

Letting Businesses ‘Hack Back’ Against Hackers Is a Terrible Idea, Cyber Veterans Say_WSJ

This program lets you snap a photo of whoever’s trying to hack you_WAPO

Justice Department says hackers struck 27 US attorneys’ offices around US_FOXNEWS

Microsoft Warns of Critical Vulnerability Called ‘PrintNightmare’_BREITBART

Massive Ransomware Attack May Impact Thousands of Victims_YAHOO

Biden’s America: Ransomware Attack Paralyzes Networks of Hundreds of US Companies_GATEWAYPUNDIT

FBI Turns to Offense to Thwart Growing Threat of Cyberattacks_NEWSMAX

Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers_REUTERS

'Where is the proof?' Putin furiously DENIES 'farcical' claims Russia was behind cyberattacks in the US and says he's 'surprised' he hasn't been blamed for Black Lives Matter along with the list of 'unfounded accusations'_DAILYMAIL

Hackers Strike Volkswagen Exposing Data of 3 Million Customers_BREITBART

McDonald's becomes latest company to be hit by a data breach on the same day Volkswagen announces hack impacted 3.3 million customers_DAILYMAIL

Hackers steal 26 MILLION logins for Amazon, Apple, Facebook and other tech giants after targeting PCs and making off with payment information from three million devices in latest major security breach_DAILYMAIL

Here We Go Again: JBS "Paid" "Russian" "Hackers" $11 Million In Bitcoin To Resolve "Ransomware" Attack_ZEROHEDGE

The Colonial Pipeline Hack, The 'Russians', & The FBI's Ransom-Grab - What Really Happened?_ZEROHEDGE

JBS, World’s Largest Meat Supplier, Paid $11 Million in Bitcoin to Ransomware Hackers_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Cyber criminals target Congress: 60 members from both parties are left UNABLE TO ACCESS data for weeks in latest ransomware hack_DAILYMAIL


US Feds Seized Most of $4.4 Million Colonial Pipeline Ransom From Bitcoin Wallet_GATEWAYPUNDIT

The Colonial Pipeline hack, the Russians, & Bitcoin – here's what actually happened_Jordan Schachtel

When Pressed on Why US Has Seen Two Massive Cyberattacks Under Biden, Psaki Tells Peter Doocy to Track Down Russian Hackers and Ask Them (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Report: Hacking Group Linked to Chinese Government Penetrated New York Transit Agency’s Computer System_GATEWAYPUNDIT

FBI Identifies Hackers Behind Ransomware Attack on World’s Largest Meat Supplier_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Biden’s America: Largest Ferry Service to Martha’s Vineyard Hit with Ransomware Attack_GATEWAYPUNDIT

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