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Which list are you on? Criminal defense vs. Criminal justice

Prosecutors donated to the criminal defense funds of criminals to get them out of jail, or they just did away with prosecution and cash bail. However, a cop who donated to the criminal defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse was recently fired for doing so.

A paramedic in Utah who donated $10 to the criminal defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse received a visit at his home from a local reporter who was trying to doxx him while on the air.

The USPS is scanning 'lists' of social media data

Someone has a 'list' of the people who donated to Kyle Rittenhouse (see above)

'Voter roles' are also another kind of 'list'

'Donor roles' are 'lists' too

Is the USPS scanning lists of people with government e-mail accounts who donated to the Kyle Rittenhouse legal defense fund?

Was there a subpoena involved in the forfeiture of any of these 'lists?' If not, then where did they come from?

Where did all of these lists come from? The SolarWinds attack?

People are making lists. Which one are you on? Probably the side that was law abiding until you became the target of a domestic terrorist investigation. By ending up on a 'list' - maybe the one seized by Salesforce - you know, the one with all of the data on all of his supporters? Is the Cambridge Analytica data the subject of an 'investigation?' That is the data someone could look into if they really wanted to gut your voter base.

The police are serving as the publicly funded private security for the criminals. The National Guard didn't do anything to stop the week long riots in Minnesota.

Why is the 'Post Office' scanning lists of social media data? That must have been subject to a subpoena. There was group who recently bragged about hacking social media website Gab, and then bragging about it saying that they were going to use it to do 'journalistic research.' How is any of this legal?

There are data breaches everywhere, all the time. We have no cyber security in this country and everything about us is on the digital grid. AOC warned in 2020 that people were making lists. Maybe it is about time for somebody to ask her what she meant by that. Never mind, Maxine Waters will just tell him to "shut his mouth" because the black lady said so and nobody will bring it up again.

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