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Updated: Feb 18

DC shooting: 17-year-old struck at metro, suspects fled_FOXNEWS

South Korean diplomat punched in unprovoked attack in New York City: police_FOXNEWS

Texas fugitive accused of asphyxiating roommate by sitting on her arrested for manslaughter_FOXNEWS

Kentucky disabled Marine Corps vet's brutal beating: 2 caught and convicted, 3rd sought, authorities say_FOXNEWS

YouTube prankster expected 'out of control' cops but got 'polite' officers, chief says: 'Joke's on him'_FOXNEWS

Minneapolis protest of Amir Locke shooting death draws more than 1,000 marchers: reports_FOXNEWS

Virginia Tech-area hookah lounge murder suspect in custody, police say_FOXNEWS

Terrifying moment woman is mugged at knifepoint at a Manhattan subway station: Victim tries to fight off her attacker before he flees through a turnstile with her purse in crime-ridden NYC_DAILYMAIL

Milwaukee police officer shot; 3rd in 2 weeks in the city_STARTRIBUNE

'Yo, God, I got this!' Final words of Oklahoma death row inmate, 46, who killed two hotel workers in 2001 robbery: Feasted on sesame chicken, six egg rolls (and requested an apple fritter or three pints of ice cream' for dessert)_DAILYMAIL

More than 200,000 sign petition demanding that two Texas brothers and their friend are freed after they were charged with capital murder and held on $1M bond for beating stepfather to death for raping their nine-year-old sister_DAILYMAIL

26-Year-Old Transgender Child Molester Gets 2 Years in Juvenile Facility Thanks to Marxist Los Angeles DA George Gascón_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Wannabe Bronx rapper and 'gang member', 16, charged with shooting NYPD cop last week walks FREE after posting bail with his record deal money following just nine days in juvenile detention_DAILYMAIL

Austin 6th Street mass shooting suspect released without bail_FOXNEWS

3 Houston police officers shot, officials say_FOXNEWS

Biden’s DOJ Says Arsonist Who Killed Someone During BLM Riots Should Get Lesser Sentence Because He Was Protesting_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Suspect charged in Texas corporal's shooting death entered US illegally: ICE_FOXNEWS

Leaked video shows federal contractors flying migrants to suburban NY: 'Betraying the American people'_FOXNEWS

Moment serial shoplifter with rap sheet dating back to '80s walked out of Seattle Target with 70inch $600 TV - his 22nd theft from same store in three months: Lenient judge released him without bail_DAILYMAIL

Carjackings soar by up to 510% in major US cities: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and New Orleans are all experiencing 'disturbing' spikes in crime_DAILYMAIL

Detroit man accused of setting pregnant girlfriend on fire released on 10% bond_FOXNEWS

Brianna Kupfer's 'killer' is charged with murder but death penalty is 'off the table' under progressive policies of embattled woke Los Angeles DA George Gascón_DAILYMAIL

Ohio man steals car with sleeping passenger in back who texted real-time updates, police say_FOXNEWS

Trains in downtown Los Angeles ransacked by thieves: 'Amazon packages, UPS boxes, unused Covid tests'_FOXNEWS

Las Vegas mall shooter turned in by his own mother: report

CHICAGO: Robbers shoot witness in Edgewater, police say_CWBCHICAGO

New Mexico mother, 18, is charged with attempted murder and child abuse after tossing her newborn into freezing dumpster where she was found alive hours later: Said she didn't know she was pregnant by juvenile father until day before_DAILYMAIL

NYC Burger King cashier, 19, who was shot dead in cold blood after handing $100 to gunman took job to save for a car and was about to move to day shifts because she was 'terrified' working nights_DAILYMAIL

Missing Chicago boy, 6, found dead near abandoned house in Indiana_FOXNEWS

Rob a bank with a gun in NYC and get just one year in jail! Disbelief at woke Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg as he downgrades serious crime like burglary, carrying a weapon and drug dealing to avoid putting criminals behind bars_DAILYMAIL

After a record-setting 2021, 14 people have already been shot in Philadelphia in 2022_BLAZE

Austin jewelry store heist prompts shopping mall evacuation: reports_FOXNEWS

Woke Los Angeles DA George Gascón will NOT prosecute juveniles accused of sexual battery, assault and burglary under his expanded 'restorative justice' program in favor of 'rehabilitation'_DAILYMAIL

Young Minneapolis family carjacked at gunpoint inside home garage_FOXNEWS

Carjacking, robbery suspect arrested after his mom tipped off police, saying she 'did not raise him like that'_BLAZE DAILYMAIL

DOJ’s Two-Tiered Justice System at Work: Violent Trans Antifa Activist Has Federal Charges Dropped for Assaulting Portland Police and Trying to Blind Them_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Six people injured after shooting at Los Angeles grocery store_FOXNEWS

Mall of America is locked down after gunman opens fire injuring two men: Cops are hunting shooter who fled the scene_DAILYMAIL

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