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Confession of a white supremacist

Updated: Apr 5

I thought for a moment, maybe I really am racist. And then I laughed.

Look at the societal temperature of our youth. The Left has been cultivating the environment for (grooming) a world full of little assholes. This is the anti-racist education.

It is really difficult to believe that this is actually happening.

The open arms at the border. 'Donald Trump's Wall' didn't work. That is big part of the subtext of all of this. While putting a cage around the Capitol building to protect themselves from 'white supremacists.'

American citizens, specifically supporters of Donald Trump, are (according to them) a bigger threat to our nation than many thousands of illegal immigrants (another offensive term) who rely literally on human trafficking to end up here - all facilitated by people who decided they need our help more than our own citizens.

The VP and soon to be POTUS, Kamala Harris, was the least likable candidate on the 2020 debate stage. Her ancestors owned white slaves, no matter. The evidence has all been scrubbed from her wikipedia page, which now says she is also the first 'Asian VP.' Again, the subtext is Donald Trump's 'China virus' is racist.

They weave this strange web of lies that becomes increasingly more complex. They attach words to definitions that do not go together to create an alternate universe. They pull out all the stops with the 'mass hysteria' over climate change - the baseline for their religion which is Leftism. Attach 'racism' to the lie of climate change and then attach everything else in this dark tree in the garden of eden to everything else you would like to excuse without purpose.

'Your behavior' has been replaced with 'my bias.' That is pretty much how we arrived here. Thugs roam the streets chanting "Black Lives Matter" while acting like the worst possible versions of themselves that they can possibly be. The Gaslighting.

The moronic stooges that occupy their 'safe spaces' within the walls of identity politics. Making it illegal to criticize them, because of their color, how convenient for you that I cannot tell you what a shitty job you are doing.

The 'Black Mouth' of people with no other skills than to 'disrupt' - the birdsong of the bird with no song.

I can't imagine what kind of person watches CNN and thinks, 'Yea, this guy knows what he is talking about.' You would have to be self-loathing on another level to absorb that garbage and the painstaking delivery of the overtly angry jerkoffs 'stabbing' you with 'the news.' But if you don't do what they say - you are a racist. Again, I laugh.

If you want to be taken seriously, start acting like you are serious.


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