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Collecting examples of injustice on a daily basis has become a disturbing reality for many Americans

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The people who did not speak up sooner because they were afraid, have now had their lives destroyed by the Lockdown.

It is a very important distinction that people realize that coronavirus did not destroy your business or your livelihood. THE LOCKDOWN - the government mandated economy crushing RESPONSE to COVID19 destroyed your life.

Why? Because Democrats are upset that Donald J. Trump is President of the United States.

Government has been screwing with people’s lives for years. They hate small business. Government hates anything they can’t control. Left-wing blue state politicians think they have ‘parental’ control over their constituents. ‘Because I said so,” is not an answer you should ever accept from a politician. Not ever. They need to tell you ‘why’ and not just wield tyrannical power just because they feel like it.

Nuances of professionalism

If you become a professional licensed surgeon after many years of schooling and training, you cannot one day decide to walk into an operating room with a construction hammer, chainsaw and ax with the intention of ‘performing’ surgery. You have to act in the best interest of the patient . Or in the case if the office of the prosecutor, you have to uphold the duties of the office. When certain people (99% of them are Democrats) get into office, they subvert the rule of law that they were sworn to uphold and turn the government into a kangaroo court. It is absurd.

They let violent criminals go free and call it social justice. In order to get away with it, they charge ordinary law abiding citizens with crimes that they simply ‘make up’ for defending themselves by saying this is wrong.

We are at war. Welcome to the 2020 Revolution. It is a revolution of the mind as much as it is an attempt to overthrow our government by inserting Soros backed politicians into office.

I am in a perpetual state of abeyance where I do not believe that this is actually happening. It is important to document it and document others saying it as a much as possible. I wake up ever morning thinking that the last few months were all a bad dream and then I turn on the news and it is just the next chapter of the book that is sure to end badly.

This deconstructionism of faith, pride and love of freedom and liberty that many have fought and died for has been overtaken by the champions of ‘diversity’ who import people who bring their values with them and by subversive Democrat operatives who have cultivated social justice warriors right before our eyes for 155 years by keeping them enslaved to a system that has groomed them to not think for themselves but to follow orders and not think about anything with regard to personal accountability.

Black leaders like Cook County Board President in Chicago, Toni Preckwinkle, claim to have the best interest of the black community in mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. She was reportedly caught on tape saying, "Don't get their hopes up," when presented with a program for small business opportunities for black residents of the city of Chicago. In context, this implied that she had little to no faith in the black community's ability to take care of themselves. Surprisingly, she is unfamiliar with 2019 Chicago Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson.

It is frightening to watch people like the DA from Georgia, Paul Howard, do what he did in front of a national audience with no regard for any integrity other than ‘because I said so’ come out of his mouth. It is appalling. And nobody does anything about it.

Howard did a complete 180 in a decision he made right before the Rayshard Brooks incident when he - presented a 'TRIAL' for the media in which he completely reversed a decision he had made immediately prior to this ruling in order to fit a false narrative - the greatest lie of our generation, the false narrative of black victimization. How is this not a hate crime from the office of the prosecutor?

Sen. John Kennedy on Supreme Court's abortion ruling: Chief Justice Roberts flip-flopped like a banked catfish

Jun. 30, 2020 - 5:25 - Chief Justice John Roberts sided with liberal justices as the Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

Watch this very important video as Sen Kennedy discusses the lack of integrity of calling different pitches by the same name:

This is part of a systemic brain washing. We are seeing this happen with NFL football and the absurd rulings and constant change in rules on the field. No consistency. No concern for optics. The law and ability to interpret it is not based on ‘how you feel l’ on any given day.

NFL calls for 'Black National Anthem'

NFL will play black national anthem prior to Week 1 games, report says

This is a hostile takeover of American culture.

Black people are getting away with destroying the country by making it illegal to criticize their behavior.

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