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Colin Flaherty - The Living Legend who exposed the lie of Black Victimization

I first heard about Colin Flaherty 5 years ago. Looking back, I now know that I learned of him at the height of not only the greatest of all media hoaxes (Saint Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO), but it was at the same time I realized we were in the early stages of the next American Civil War. I am calling this one the 2020 Revolution.

Colin has an amazing history of demonstrating that the truth can literally set you free or can imprison you completely if it is not a popular truth that supports the narrative of black victimization.

I hate it when the pioneer is ignored. I hate it when the truth is ignored. I think of Colin kind of like Tesla and the invention of the radio that was popularly credited to Marconi. They burned down Tesla's lab. They deplatformed Colin.

I was a big fan of his YouTube channel where he would frequently report just the facts without racism or rancor and routine remind subscribers that he would kick them off the channel for making racist statements in the comments section, and did.

It didn't matter. They called him a racist anyway and people today have still not learned that lesson - no matter what you do, they will call you a racist if you do not ignore the truth and instead adopt the idea that, "Black people are victims of systemic white racism all the time, everywhere, that is why cops are always picking on black people for no reason what so ever."

As a pioneer, Colin AGAIN, did what nobody else on the Right side of the truth has done yet (that which they should be doing) - and that is protest on behalf of the truth and shut down a highway for all the right reasons.

Here is some of that video:

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