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Chicago's crime problem is a behavior problem in leadership

Chicago's crime problem is caused by a decision to _____________ criminal behavior.

ignore, redefine - gaslight the public while pretending it is not happening, the laws are racist (we don't want to prosecute crimes committed by black people and these are excuses for not enforcing the law)

Crime does exist. That is not in dispute.

Willful ignorance or gross incompetence does not absolve one of liability due to negligence.

There is nothing you can say to logically convince me that the mayor and the other black women in positions of leadership in Chicago are not accountable or responsible for the crime there.

Behavior - the actions and responses to the actions are both behavior. One is the behavior of the criminal committing the crime. The other is the behavior of the individual(s) responding to the crime. Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Prosecutor Kim Foxx.

Those who call riots protests and felonious violent behavior excusable are in fact criminals themselves by way of their behavior - which is to facilitate these activities by subverting the duties of the the office they were sworn to uphold.

Willful ignorance or gross incompetence does not absolve one of liability due to negligence.

They (Lightfoot et al) control your behavior, how you look (masks) and what you can say. But their behavior cannot even be criticized because they took away your 1st Amendment right to free speech.

For a road map to how the Left used black people to take away your First Amendment Rights, go here:

Think about this: black people who cannot control their own behavior and cannot follow laws are now in charge of enforcing laws and dictating who is prosecuted based on behavior they deemed to be illegal. All while decriminalizing actual crime.


The Lockdown is the Left (Mayor Lightfoot et al) illegally controlling your behavior, while helping to plan, organize and execute riots to physically destroy the city after financially destroying individuals personally while using Coronavirus as the excuse even after we have proof that this has all been a sham to cripple the success of the Trump economy.

Capitalizing on bad behavior

Oprah and Lori Lightfoot said the virus is racist. Black and brown people do not practice proper hygiene - this is the reason there are more black and brown people affected - BEHAVIOR

I also question whether or not this general behavior is building some super germs that black and brown people will be immune to that may in turn wipe out white people (hyperbole).

I remember working from home for an extended period of time several years ago when I was even younger and healthier than I am now. Every time I left the house to participate in a public social activity like go to a restaurant or party, I got sick. I am guessing that this is because I had no immunity built up from lack of normal regular exposure to germs. I am a very clean person and for most of my life I almost never got sick, but when I was not exposed to normal germs carried by normal people on a daily basis it hit me really hard.

Lightfoot tells white people who have businesses and jobs - you can't go to work 'shelter in place' and one of her favorites 'we will educate people into compliance' insinuating that because this virus primarily affects black and brown people, if you do not follow the laws she just made up, you are racist as well because your behavior 'is a threat to the most susceptible demographic which is black and brown people' ..... black and brown people who are out rioting and looting protesting ....

So what you do is, you pull a Noam Chomsky

You make people who are not capable of recognizing their own bad behavior in charge of law enforcement and prosecution of the behavior of others. They let people who look like them OUT OF JAIL and call that criminal justice reform.

There have been no negative consequences to affordable bail.

There is a mountain of evidence that there are many negative consequences to affordable bail.

Chief judge says there have been no “horrible incidents” under his affordable bail program. These people might disagree, if they only they were still alive.

BELOW: For my own amusement to demonstrate what happens in a corrupt system - the system becomes grossly incompetent because there are no standards of merit and only favors granted especially for judgeship.

The grossly incompetent legal system as well as the broken system of government in Illinois is a direct result of granting favors and access to positions of power with no regard for the behavior or competencies of the individuals who hold those positions.

This is another article that is a continuation of the discussion of how we arrived here through deference and by doing just one thing - violating your 1st Amendment right to free speech and criminalizing your ability to criticize those who oppose you.

If you would like a road map to how the Left used black people to criminalize free speech, please click on the link to the article below:

How much longer will the attacks on the American Right-Wing continue?

Below this article is a criticism of Greg Moore and a response to his article which I believe demonstrates not only lack of ability to perform the functions of his job due to the widespread pandemic of #COVID45 also known as Trump Derangement Syndrome that only affects journalists.

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Lightfoot loves COVID19. She loves it like her baby. It is the crisis that she will use to destroy the city of Chicago and rebuild it in her image.


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