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Chicago - Meet Jim Van Buskirk - victim of the Hair Hat Mafia

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Chicago, March 2018 - Man goes to work in the city of Chicago. Man's name is Jim Van Buskirk. Jim gets pistol whipped, tied up, robbed and the assailant steals tens of thousands of dollars from the business safe.

“When I was still in the hospital, I was shown a picture of a suspect,” Van Buskirk remembered. “I said, ‘that’s him, except he didn’t have that hat on.’” Police let the suspect go.

The suspect, although identified, is not pursued. IMO, this is because Jim is white and the criminal is black - I say this because this is the pattern of the office of the prosecutor Kim Foxx.

CLICK THIS LINK TO READ AN ARTICLE ABOUT A GUY CHARGED WITH A FELONY HATE CRIME IN CHICAGO FOR HAVING AN ARGUMENT WITH A WOMAN WEARING A PUERTO RICO T-SHIRT There was no hate crime. This guy Timothy Trybus is guilty only of being a stupid drunk asshole. No racial slurs, no racist acts, he merely had an argument with a woman who is not white. This is a terrible article by the Chicago Sun-Times. Relevant information seems to disappear after awhile to cover the trail of impropriety. I believe this guy had to post $10K. Unlike the four black attackers who kidnapped and tortured a white handicapped man while streaming the whole thing via Facebook live. Girl, 19, who narrated the horrifying beating and torture of a disabled man on Facebook Live AVOIDS JAIL in case that shocked the nation

The same black people who commit fake hate crimes at the civilian level (and rarely get charged with their crimes, like #JussieSmollett ) are now doing it from the office of the prosecutor, from the badge and from the bench AND WITH the help of Leftist lawyers who can, and do, FLOP in the court room.

It is entirely possible for a good lawyer to give you dog shit legal representation in the court room because their obligation is not to their client, their obligation is to the court system in which they work.

A typical lawyer will tell you something like - 'Don't worry about it. I will take care of this whole thing for you.' They lie to your face. This is their sales pitch. Then, when you pay them, they say, 'There is nothing you can do. Take the deal they offer you. If you don't, the prosecution will just 'come up with' things to charge you with.' Then they will seal the file and deny any FOIA requests so that nobody finds out what they did to you. And then your own lawyer will threaten to sue you if you tell anybody that they ripped you off. Then to ensure their regular practice of violating your rights remains a secret, they make you sign an NDA if it is a civil matter. It is all a scam.

Think about what happened with Gen Michael Flynn - he went bankrupt paying lawyers who did not defend him. They escorted him through the legal process. Do you understand this?

K.T. McFarland described how the courts weaponize the legal process to carry out personal vendettas against people.

'Good lawyers giving dog shit legal representation' IMO may or may not be a problem in Chicago because I don't know if there are any good lawyers in Chicago. No matter, what the lawyer does rarely matters as those who make the decision just do whatever the hell they feel like regardless of the merits of the defense. I don't know how these people become lawyers and supposedly (allegedly, HA HA HA) pass the bar exam, because many of them do not even have rudimentary communication skills.

I have screen shots of tweets from 'criminal defense attorneys' in Chicago who tweet things like 'FUCK YOU, FUCK TRUMP' to me - when I have not said anything to or about them. I archive everything. These are examples of the low caliber of individuals that we are dealing with. I have a separate article on how the system needs them to be incompetent in order to operate the way it does.

Here is another white guy charged with a hate crime for allegedly calling a black woman a "bitch." $50K bond issued by Kim Foxx.

I asked a lawyer, "What about justice?" with regard to idiotic charges like this. He said, "You watch too much TV if you think that people get justice. People do not get justice. These prosecutors do whatever they want. They look at it like it is a game. They can do whatever they want. They make up the rules and change the rules as they go along and there is nothing you can do about it."

In April, 2019, Van Buskirk said, he heard his new lawyer tell the prosecutor that the state’s case wasn’t winnable. Van Buskirk remembers the prosecutor’s response to be roughly, “Yeah, but we gotta do what we gotta do.” - what they did in this case was to withhold exculpatory evidence.


From the CWB article:

It took 19 months, roughly 26 court appearances, two lawyers, a bench trial, and more than $15,000, but a suburban man (Jim Van Buskirk) who prosecutors accused of filing a false police report finally cleared his name last Wednesday. And, for the record, he was never offered “the Smollett deal.”

Jussie Smollett, you surely remember, is the Hollywood actor who faced 16 felony counts of filing a false police report earlier this year after investigators said he made up an elaborate story of being beaten in an anti-gay, anti-black, pro-Trump hate crime near his home in Streeterville.

Prosecutors in the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dismissed Smollett’s case one month after his arrest in a last-minute hearing that ended with the court file being sealed (albeit temporarily) from the public eye. Smollett pleaded guilty to nothing, He gave his $10,000 bail deposit to the city, and prosecutors dropped everything on the spot.

Public outrage at the secretive and unusual handling of a celebrity case grew quickly. But Joe Magats, Foxx’s top deputy bristled at the notion that a TV star with political connections received special treatment.

The deal Smollett received “is available to all defendants,” Magats said. “It’s not something out of privilege. It’s not something out of clout.”

But, like every similar defendant who’s faced false report charges under Foxx, former Union Station restaurant manager Jim Van Buskirk never received the offer that Magats said is available to everyone.

Beaten, robbed, tied up…and arrested

March 29, 2018, started like any other day for Van Buskirk. He drove into the city from his family’s suburban home and started preparing for a day of business at The Junction, a bar and restaurant on a busy commuter corridor inside Union Station.

Around 10:15 a.m., a man walked into his office.

“I was beaten up, pistol-whipped, tied up, and I still have marks on my wrists” from the zip ties that were used as restraints. “He knocked me over, and I hit my head on the floor.” 

Van Buskirk said he remained on the ground for about 30 minutes until an employee arrived for work, forced the office door open, and found him on the ground. Taken were his phone, wallet, keys, and $30,000 to $40,000 of the restaurant’s money, Van Buskirk said.

Amtrak police and Chicago cops scoured the Loop and surrounding areas for a suspect. Police in suburban Evergreen Park even dispatched a patrol unit to Van Buskirk’s home to make sure that his child, who was home on spring break, was safe.

“When I was still in the hospital, I was shown a picture of a suspect,” Van Buskirk remembered. “I said, ‘that’s him, except he didn’t have that hat on.’” Police let the suspect go.

Two weeks later, a Chicago police detective showed up at The Junction and took Van Buskirk into custody. Prosecutors charged him with one felony count of filing a false report.

Even though between $30,000 and $40,000 was allegedly taken, neither prosecutors nor the grand jury ever accused him of taking a single dime.

“My phone was found outside Rensselaer, Indiana,” 85 miles away from Union Station, he said. “There was no investigation.”

“We gotta do what we gotta do.”

“Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get a Smollett deal,” he said. ”God bless Smollet for getting that deal, because — the hell my family has gone through for 19 months — I wish had one.”

The Junction, where his team of five years was “like a second family,” fired Van Buskirk, he said.

“The anguish my family, wife, kids, went through. We’re all very close. It’s tough, my kids defending their dad, which is something they should never have to do. It’s tough.”

“I survived on diet Coke and cigarettes,” he joked on Sunday afternoon, adding that he shed 44 pounds during the ordeal.

Prosecutors in January offered Van Buskirk a deal, he said. “Two years of second-chance probation, random drug testing, and five days of SWAP,” a reference to the sheriff department’s work crew program.

Van Buskirk said the case had brought so much angst and problems for him and his family, he gave the offer serious consideration. Even his attorney was looking to settle.

Adding to the pressure: The restaurant’s insurance company sent him a notice in January. He says they wanted $140,000 in compensation from him. Pleading guilty to a crime he didn’t commit could put him on the hook for the insurance claim, he figured.

Shortly after prosecutors made their plea offer, the state’s attorney’s office suddenly settled the Smollett case. Smollett had been charged with sixteen counts of filing a false report, the exact same charged that prosecutors filed against Van Buskirk. Except Van Buskirk only faced one count.

“When I saw that, I had a glimmer of hope that they may go across the board and do that for everyone,” Van Buskirk remembered. But they didn’t. 

Then, he read a news story about an attorney friend who was handling a big case. He called the guy and hired him as his new counsel.

In April, Van Buskirk said, he heard his new lawyer tell the prosecutor that the state’s case wasn’t winnable. Van Buskirk remembers the prosecutor’s response to be roughly, “Yeah, but we gotta do what we gotta do.”

He rejected the state’s settlement offer and took the case to trial.


Last Tuesday, Nov. 12, Van Buskirk and the state squared off in a bench trial before Cook County Judge Charles Burns.

Prosecutors spent the first day putting on their case with a string of witnesses. Before trial, the state claimed to have two videos showing Van Buskirk going into his office alone. When it came down to it, the state showed only one video in court. It showed the Union Station concourse. And it was missing parts, Van Buskirk said.

Everyone returned to court midday Wednesday for the defense put on one witness, an Amtrak police officer. Then, Van Buskirk’s lawyer rested. As soon as closing arguments ended around 2 p.m., Burns announced his finding: not guilty.

Van Buskirk impulsively shouted, “Yes!”

“He said there was no evidence. It was a sense of relief. The weight of the world off my back. You have so many thoughts going through your head. You’re entrusting one person to make a decision that could change the rest of your life.”

“Everyone was fair. The Chicago police, Amtrak police, the two state’s attorneys. There was no impropriety. You hear people say ‘police did this’ or ‘they did that.’ There’s none of that. CPD treated me fairly.”

(Obviously the above statement is an egregious lie)

“It’s been a long 19 months. It’s taken a toll on my family. People said things to them. People you thought were your friends sometimes are not.”

“If it wasn’t for some retirement money and my siblings, I couldn’t have done it,” Van Buskirk said on Sunday. “I will always be grateful.”

“Look forward”

On Friday, Van Buskirk went to a high school football game. 

“I’m a pretty happy guy… I felt good for the first time, finally,” he said. “Before, it felt like people were talking about me.”

“If I did get a Smollet deal, people would say, ‘he did it.’ They can’t say that now.”

Since getting axed from The Junction, Van Buskirk has been working for another bar while he cleared his name. But the job is not an ideal use of his decades of experience, he said.

“I would love to move to a bigger and better place,” he said, “I’ve been doing this since I was 13-years old. I’m good at it. I love high volume restaurants and bars.”

“All I can do is look forward. All I can do is work hard.”


So, now the guy, Jim Van Buskirk, just throws his hands up in the air and says, "I am just glad this is over." Why is nobody screaming bloody murder about this? How is it possible that this is happening?

Well, throughout the entire state of Illinois, they threaten you. This is according to a lawyer that I talked to in WILL COUNTY.

He asked me if I ever heard of a guy named Drew Peterson. I said yes, the cop who killed his wife. He then went on to say, well, that guy got away with murder and the prosecutor, Glasgow, just made up laws that do not exist in order to prosecute him. I asked him what he meant by this and he said there is no legal precedent for what the prosecutor did. Drew Peterson is basically the white O.J. - everybody knows he did it and everybody probably feels better that the guy is behind bars, but when you convict somebody of murder, you should have to prove it.

Peterson later tried to have Glasgow killed which basically justifies his imprisonment in my opinion.

This does not change the fact that the crux of what I am addressing here is that police, lawyers, prosecutors and judges can collude to allow illegal things to happen in a system that pretends to work toward some kind of justice. But, as the attorney I spoke with informed me, that only happens on TV.

Another example of a highly corrupt system, in my opinion, was recently demonstrated again when white Mayor Bob O'Dekirk in Joliet, IL, WILL COUNTY, was caught on video, clear as day (allegedly), grabbing, dragging and then slamming an unarmed black protester to the ground during a George Floyd 'protest.'

Now, I used to give the police the benefit of the doubt every time because in nearly every instance the part where the suspect attacked the cops, or antagonized the cops or whatever is often conveniently edited out.

I do not trust police anymore because of the relaxed recruitment standards and social justice initiatives that have been implemented in policing which seek to carry out the directives of blue state politicians rather than to enforce the law which is the theme of this article.

You should not respect 'cops' - you should respect 'cops who enforce the law legally' which would be an example of supporting 'legal law enforcement.'

Mark Levin said, "There is no longer equal justice under the law. There is no longer equal application of the law. We live in a post-Constitutional era."

Lawyers say witnesses, more video support case that Joliet mayor started protest scuffle


View the video for yourself:

How does this mayor avoid national persecution? Only in the highly corrupt state of Illinois could this be buried.

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Families of Chicago violence victims rally in front of Kim Foxx's downtown office

Lot of black on white hate crimes you never hear about because they are committed by the people in government office.

Keywords - Chicago - Black prosecutors commit black on white hate crimes

What do you do when the government that is supposed to protect you uses their unchallenged power to 'make up' fake crimes?

Meet Jim Van Buskirk -

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