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Chicago mayor sets new standard for overtly racist actions in the workplace

Updated: Jun 13

Few politicians have embarrassed their constituents more than Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot. Any time you are ready to start acting like a mayor Lori, we are ready.

From the Daily Caller:

Attorneys for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are arguing that a preliminary injunction against her for racial discrimination is unnecessary because she only racially discriminated against reporters for a strict two-day period.

“As announced by the Mayor in the May 19 letter invoked by Plaintiffs, the conduct was ‘on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of [her] inauguration’ as Mayor,” the filing from Lightfoot’s attorneys read. “For these reasons, counsel indicated that Plaintiffs’ request for preliminary injunctive relief is moot, as the challenged conduct is not continuing.”

“Mayor Lightfoot’s office today shockingly confirmed to a federal court that she discriminates on the basis of race in the conduct of her public office,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release. “This racism is blatantly unconstitutional.”

Chicago Lawyers Say Lightfoot Only Discriminated Against White Reporters For Two Days_DAILYCALLER

Perhaps I can suggest some parameters for an allowable continuation of overt racism in a more equitable fashion. I am proposing one overtly racist act per quarter for all city employees. With the purchase of carbon offsets, you will be able to use a racial slur in the office once per week. This will ensure that we can continue to fight the racism caused by climate change. Seeing as we cannot control ourselves, this will be like contributing to the 'swear jar' beforehand, making your racism simply an act of realizing a return on your investment toward achieving social justice.

'It was only for two days...' evokes other bogus linguistic mitigation tactics such as - 'a little bit pregnant, I didn't inhale (or worse, I didn't like it), just the tip' and my favorite from Chicago sports legend Dennis Rodman who told his wife Carmen Electra that he, "had no idea where she came from," when referring to the woman in their hotel room bed when he was caught cheating on his new bride during their honeymoon.

Did she not take any questions from her white husband for two days? She makes him dress up like a woman to humiliate him.

Mexicans are allowed to use the n-word on Tuesdays and every other Thursday, but never on casual Friday. Black and brown reporters who ask questions about Lightfoot's husband's balls will not be welcome to future interviews.


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